IPOB's press release 
Published on the Biafra Post 
January 17, 2024 

The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) condemn the use of civilians and some vigilante members by Nigerian Military and Police at various check points for toll Collection. We are warning Biafran civilians and vigilante members to stay off the illegal checkpoints mounted by murderous Nigeria Security Forces in Biafra Land.

IPOB has called for the removal of indiscriminate military and Police checkpoints mounted to harass and extort money from Biafrans. The uncountable checkpoints in Biafra Land are not only used for extortion of money at gunpoint but are also used for  kidnapping, organ harvesting, and forceful disappearance of many Igbo youths. The new style of using vigilante security groups and civilians in Biafra Land by the Nigeria Security Forces at these illegal checkpoints to extort money from Biafrans is not acceptable.

Therefore, IPOB is using this medium to warn Biafra civilians and vigilante members being used for extortion at these illegal checkpoints in Biafraland to stay off and STOP immediately. They should know that if it were to be a good job opportunity or official recruitment into the Nigeria Security Forces, they would not be considered worthy by the fulani government of Nigeria. For any Igbo son or daughter to allow himself or herself to be used as a tool of suppression and extortion against his and her own people by the murderous Nigeria Security Forces means that the person in question is a  compound fool. 

IPOB is against indiscriminate checkpoints, forceful extortion, and humiliation going on at these illegal checkpoints. Indiscriminate checkpoints across Biafra Land is an economic and security siege against Ndigbo. It's a calculated policy to dehumanize, intimidate, kill, and destroy lives and properties in Alaigbo. Any Igbo son or daughter that is encouraging this security and economic strangulation using numerous checkpoints is devilish and wicked.The Northern region where bandits and terrorists are running amok need more security checkpoints than the peaceful Southeast. The insecurity in the Southeast is  sponsored by the federal government of Nigeria just to blackmail Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB, and ESN.

Once again, IPOB is calling on the Nigeria government and her security agencies to dismantle indiscriminate checkpoints in all parts of Biafra Land. 

We are wondering why the Nigeria military and Police hide their personnel  at their illegal checkpoints and in their place, position some gullible Igbo boys to be collecting money for them as toll boys at the check points? The ugly act of using our people to be extorting our people for them at these illegal checkpoints is a setup and an act of slavery. Divide and rule, and conquer tactics, which is dead on arrival! It shows that the main objective of the indiscriminate checkpoints is to extort and humiliate Ndigbo. Why must some gullible people allow themselves to be used against their own people?

Once again, we are warning any civilian or vigilante to stay away from aiding forceful extortion of our people in any illegal checkpoints in Biafra Land. If you become a willing tool in the hands of the enemies in subjugating our people, we shall consider you as an enemy. Those who refuse to heed to this call but continue with this illegal extortion and humiliation of our people at those illegal checkpoints should understand that their days are numbered. Any Biafran civilian and vigilante member who values his life should stop aiding and abating the extortion, humiliation, and forceful disappearances of Igbo youths going on at the military and Police checkpoints in Biafra Land. Ignore this warning at your own peril. Let him who has ears hear what the spirit is saying.



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