Author  Anyi Kings 
Published on the Biafra Post 
January 29, 2024

Recently, there has been a spark of strong anger and dissention from the Northern oligarchy, over the purported plan by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration, to relocate some parts of national assets back to lagos state which includes central bank of Nigeria [CBN ] under the pretext or excuse of unabated, spiraling insecurity bedevilling the Nigerian capital, Abuja.

For historical reference, In the year 1976, the Military Government of Murtala Mohammed made a proclamation to relocate the Federal Capital from Lagos to Abuja. However,
Lagos remained the capital of Nigeria from 1914 until 1991, when the city was finally stripped of its national symbolic status under the millitary presidency of Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (IBB) - half Yoruba & half Northerner.

On 14 November 1991, the Presidential seat of power with other federal government functions were finally relocated to the new capital city of Abuja. And, since then, over 40 years the desert, mountainous Abuja has experienced rigorous development into a modern city as a befitting capital of Nigeria while lagos state retained the position of Nigeria's financial hub with all major banks and foriegn mining companies such as Western oil exploration companies all having their headquarters in the City. 

It is also became home to the Nigerian Stock Exchange [NSE]. It accounts for over 80% of the country's foreign trade flows, and generates over 50% of Nigeria's port revenues.  Therefore despite Abuja claiming the status of the FCT, Lagos state has continues to share with the glory of Abuja in development and in strategic/symbolic national assets, sharing bilaterally as a political backdoor deal between northern ruling class and the Yoruba oligarchy, to keep Eastern region region of the country known as Biafra, pepertually impoverished, excluded and underdeveloped.  

Today the Northernners is angered that Abuja is at the verge of losing its status as FCT back to lagos state under current President,  Bola Ahmed Tinubu,  as the BAT administration has given a nod to relocate certain national assets back to lagos over security concerns as northern Nigeria particular the North Central where the Capital is geo-located is under heavy siege by French induced terrorists, such as the Islamic State [ISIS] and its affiliates, and Abuja might be overrun in no distant time.
The Yoruba-dominated administration of Bola Tinubu present pact with France is to destabilize the Northern Nigeria for French interest - which aims at demobilizing the interest of the Anglo-Saxons (US, UK) in West Africa, as a pay back for their "backstabbing" support to northern Nigeria for refusing the military invasion of Niger by French controlled ECOWAS, of which Mr BAT, is the puppet chairman for French President Emmanuel Macron. The involvement of the French, cannot be over emphasized as the brain behind the escalation of insecurity in the Northern part of Nigeria.

President Tinubu in exchange for the Nigerian presidency and the ECOWAS chairman seat, has ambitiously sold Northern Nigeria to France and will do little or nothing as the president of the Nigeria to calm the escalating insecurity situation in the Northern geopolitical zone that is been directly sponsored by France to destabilize Niger and the Lake chad basin axis using ISIS, ISWAP,  Boko Haram etc  As squabbles for the soul of Nigeria and Gulf of Guinea rages. Tinubu having grabbed power already will not entertain any fear or intimidation by the northern group to trade his friendship with the French, for northern interests and friendship. 

Therefore, it is geopolitically imperative that the North will fight alongside the UK, US against French-backed Tinubu's administration, hence the fall of Abuja is imminent.  The foreign embassies in Abuja must adhere to security advice and follow suit to relocate their embassies either to lagos or Eastern region of the country. 

This is because, while lagos state maybe relatively safe from French backed terrorists, the possibility of terror attacks by the footsoldiers of the Northern oligarchs (Fulani herdsmen) remains indispensable. Therefore, the Eastern region remains the safest region due to the presence of Easten Security  Network( ESN ), who are are always at high alert against any terrorists invasion even before now,  without any state security agencies interference to compromise either their intelligence gathering modus or operational capabilities.

Despite politically sponsored insecurities bedevilling the country across-the-board, Biafra land witnessed a very peaceful atmosphere in this Christmas eve unlike Northern Nigeria and some part of western Nigeria including Ondo state where Fulani terrorists continues to feed on the flesh of the innocent overrunning the popular State's approved vigilante group in Western Nigeria known as Amotekun.

The Eastern Security Network is on gaurd over and within the Biafra territories, and The Indeginous People Of Biafra (IPOB) has promised to do every thing within its powers to keep Biafraland safer for citizens, residents, visitors, and investors through its Creation and unalloyed support for the ESN, and projection of the Biafra Self-determination quest through a United Nations supervised referendum.

Anyi Kings January 29,24 


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