Written By Esiaba Chibuihe, X- @EChibuihe | Biafra Reporter | December 29, 2023

As long as the human race is concerned, there must be the strongest and indeed the weaker races/nations whose wish is to become the strongest someday. In the same vein, so shall the stronger races wish and work so hard to retain that name 'the strongest', they can employ any mercenary, they do the undo-able to remain on this part, but this struggle for supremacy are mostly suffered by the weaker races who faces mental and physical defeat. Innocent lives are being lost, innocent civilians massacred to their early graves, just because of exploitative power and colonization.

Many empires have risen to lead the world in the past, none of them ever dreamt of collapsing or to even loose their colonies, but eventually they all collapsed to birth new nations, new civilizations and new hope for humanity. Like the British empire that ruled 50 percent of the global population in 16th - 17th century, they suppressed and oppressed so many nations just to scare them from putting up a resistance against their hegemonic policies, they were lately forced to bow to the wheels of freedom by the American war of independence in 1783. Today, America has been able to achieve its great potential which would have been rendered useless by the British empire.

The same way this same British government created an evil empire in West Africa called ''Nigeria'' for the sole purpose to keep Africa down forever. Nigeria is a British imperial construct to retain natural resources like oil and gas that is flowing from the Eastern region (Biafra) to Britain. Nigeria is a caricature designed by the British colonial criminals to rubbish the entire Africa continent, that's why they portray this evil enclave as the giant of Africa only on the pages of newspapers. As I would always say; ''the foundation of any establishment defines the purpose of the founder''. Nigeria was created by the British imperialists to serve solely their interest in Africa and they are not willing to surrender to the wheels of true freedom and democracy until Africans rise up and bend them to do so.

The British, French and other European/American governments who are relentlessly milking Africa to her knees should bear in mind; this very generation of IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will never compromise our freedom, we will never relent and we will never surrender. Using their puppets in political positions to persecute Africans demanding their rights to self-determination won't be tolerated forever. The same way it seems impossible for America to defeat great Britain during their war of Independence in 1783, but through self and collective sacrifices and consistency it became a manifest, it's the same way this very generation of IPOB will do everything at our disposal to see to the collapse of this evil empire called Nigeria, we will break free and have our destinies in our hands. 

The West and their allies mock Africans alot by saying; "your corrupt leaders sells your resources to us (Europe), we don't steal it, you should hold your political leaders responsible", and it's time for us as a people to hold these their political puppets/stooges responsible to account for their numerous sins.

O! Africans, rise up in unison and let's demand that which is right and our rights. It is our right to live, and it's our rights to survive. We must not afford to fail. Tighten your sit-belts to embrace the tough days ahead. Be part of this great black African revolution sweeping-in. The western lies and propaganda will never hold us back any longer, it is our collective destinies in question and we can't disappoint our upcoming generations.

The world should know that no amount of atomic energy could be able to weigh us down nor stop our agitation to be free in our ancestral lands, the time is now. Both Africa-Americans and Africans around the globe must support motherland this night she is at labour, so she bares a new strength, new hope and new nations that will stand to signify great and dignify the black race everywhere in the world. Remain focus and determined to see the freedom of Africa and the freedom of Biafra. In the end of this victorious fight, those who made themselves willing tools to torment and inflict pain on fellow Africans will regret their actions and have themselves to blame. Nations rises and nations falls. It's time for the sun to rise in Africa and never dim her face on the black race again and forever.

No evil empire is expected to exist forever as nothing lasts forever except change and time, and this change is for the good of Africa while the time is ripe.

Together We  Say No To Neo-Imperialism Movements in Africa under AU.

May the God of our Africa ancestors continue to bless the great Africans and Africa, bless IPOB And Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.


Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
X-Handle: @NdubuisiEke07


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