By Chinedu Aroh 
Published on the Biafra Post 
October 2, 2023 

The Anambra State International Passenger and Cargo Airport has been named after the Nigerian novelist, poet, and critic, Professor Chinua Achebe.

This was disclosed by Governor Charles Soludo on Sunday in Awka during the Independence Day parade to mark Nigeria’s 63rd anniversary. Soludo, former Central Bank governor, described Achebe as an example of Africa’s ‘unsung hero’.

According to him, “Achebe, a Nigerian novelist, poet, and critic, gave the African literature an identity and a voice and he rightly reconstructed and refined the identity of the people.”

Soludo said Achebe symbolised not a Nigerian hero, but an African and global hero and yet largely unsung at home, adding that Anambra State, under his regime, would henceforth fish out her unsung heroes to celebrate them.

Quoting him, “Unfortunately, some people wrongly think of legacies in terms of brick and mortar. Legacy is about impact on human lives and human civilisation.

“Achebe was not a president or governor or military. He did not build bridges or roads or airports but he will outlive most presidents, governors and ministers in our minds.

“Achebe rejected Nigeria’s national honours twice in protest against what he perceived as injustice to his home state Anambra. Today, Anambra will finally honour him.

“After wide consultations, there is a broad consensus that no one is more deserving to be named after the first airport in Anambra than Anambra’s all-time greatest literary gift to the world, Chinua Achebe.

“Consequently, we will rename the Anambra International Cargo and Passenger Airport, Umueri, to Chinua Achebe International Airport, Umueri.

“It has to be an international airport, and we hope to work with the Federal Government to give full effect to its international status.”

Commenting on Nigeria at 63, Soludo said, “We have muddled through the past 63 years with squandered opportunities and yet with the promise of potential greatness.

“No country or nation is perfect. Every nation continues to struggle in its match to a more perfect union. The path to stability, growth and sustainability will be challenging as there are no quick fixes.

“But all of us must collectively think and work Nigeria out of the current challenges. We have no other country but Nigeria, and we must make it to work for everyone.”



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