Written By Esiaba Chibuihe X :- @EChibuihe | Biafra Reporter | October 23, 2023

Right from the invention cum ideology of the creation of Nigeria by the British government through the office of her surrogate administering the affairs of Northern Nigeria - Mr. Fedrick Lugard and his Mistress Flora Shaw in 1914 till the flag independence in 1960, Nigeria has failed woefully in every sector there-in. The Name Nigeria shouldn't have existed in the first place, but for the sake of British government interest and imperial rule to enslave Africa and her resources forever, they intentionally merged three distinct different nations together to operate as a unit.

There is absolutely zero qualification that quantify for Nigeria's existence under one national umbrella - never !.  The hundred [100] years amalgamation of the so called ''Northern and Southern Protectorates'', without our consent is over and shouldn't have existed in the first place. But the question remains, what effort are we putting in place to make sure that the territory called Nigeria is brought to the table of a new negotiations and agreement, hence the British government amalgamation agreement is over since December 2014?. The answer is nothing, and rather they are criminally fighting IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has sacrificed everything to make sure the continued existence of this fraud amalgamation in the history of humanity will come to an end and pave way for the indigenous populations to exercise their rights of self-determination.

A country where its citizenry are classified based on different national views. The British government as the colonial powers that gears and oversees the affairs of Nigeria sees it as their exploitation sight and endorse Nigeria citizenship as fellows:

1) The Fulani Nationality: These are the first class citizens who sees Nigeria as an estate given to them by Allah they see in British authority, they sees every territory therein as their right of conquest through the declaration and teachings of their Great grand-father Othman Dan-fodio, after he Othman Dan-fodio successfully succeeded in manipulating and conquered the Hausa Kingdom in 1804 -15, and his grandchild Ahmadu Bello continued in same vein. And they have continued to work on this agenda of Islamization and Fulanization by establishing different deadly Fulani Jihadist groups across the country.

2) The Yoruba Nationality: These are the second class citizens of Nigeria, they sees Nigeria as a territory that should be unified, as long as they gets a quality share of the looted treasures from the spoilt of every regime. ( Chop I chop government in Nigeria parlance.)

3) The Igbo Nationality: These are the third class or bottom class citizens in Nigeria. They sees themselves as patriotic citizens, they sees Nigeria as their own town with zero percent segregation but in turn, the other two nationalities sees them as a target for extermination for no just reason.

As I will always say, ''The foundation of any establishment or project, defines the purpose of the founder''. Nigeria existing to date as a country is a caricature in the eyes of the world and an embodiment of embarrassment on her citizens and at the international corridor's of power. The answer is simple, it can never work. As Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will always say; ''It is illogical to refer to Nigeria as a country or even a Nation'' but a British government zoo existing in Africa ".

After listening to Mazi Chinasa Nworu's broadcast of 21/October/2023 on Radio Biafra, I was bittered on Barrister Kanu Agabe's advice for IPOB to change our approach on Nigeria government and stop embarrassing her publicly. I see this statement from this SAN who was lately introduced into Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's legal team as an insult to IPOB as a global movement. The workers of iniquities in the name of Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's siblings or any person[s] who deceitfully introduced this SAN into Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's legal team when Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiorfor, Mike Ozekhome and co has already finished the legal work on Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's release should advice him properly, before he unknowingly engage himself with a consuming and raging fire.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu taught IPOB as a peaceful global movement how to speak the truth, stand on it and damn the consequences. And we are not retreating our stand on Biafra Referendum, neither are we going to de-escalate our approach against the Nigeria government occupation of our land. We are IPOB and we don't fall for the antics of betrayals in any form. The hate actions meted against IPOB members in Biafra land hasn't been addressed, yet you are telling IPOB to reduce her approach of embarrassing the Zoological Republic called Nigeria.

In my own Local Government Area, we just finished burying three (3) of my comrades who were right beside me before the Zoological Republic of Nigeria Police Force and her Military opened fire on us at Azikiwe junction, Aba on the 31/3/23 for a peacefully protest rally in demand for the unconditional release of IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as ordered by the Nigeria's court of appeal judgement of 13/10/2022.

What about the Emene Massacre?. Obigbo Igbo profiling massacre of IPOB members, Aba National High school massacre, Igweocha Donald Trump massacre, Onitsha head bridge massacre, Afara Ibeku Umuahia massacre, Uzo Uwani massacre etc, our people has been massacred all over Nigeria since 1945 to date and also in our Biafra territory forcing our ancestral lands to drink the blood of her children bitterly. We shall always call a spade by its name, not even deaths scares us any longer in this Zoological Republic of Nigeria.

Just 20th of October 2023, marked it three years innocent Nigerian youths who were protesting against  the Zoological Republic of Nigeria Police Force brutality coupled with bad governance with Nigeria flags tied all over their body were shot at sight by the Nigerìan military. Not less than fifteen (15) End-SARS protesters are still languishing in jail for exercising their fundamental human rights to peaceful assembly and protest. A country that finds and derives joy in killing her supposed allegedly citizens is a failed state.

Nigeria @63 is still exporting crude oil abroad, import refined petrol, removed subsidy and sell to the masses who are already programmed for suffering at the price of seven hundred naira #700 per liter. And according to report, Nigeria is yet to face more worsening situations ingrained with hunger. And you want me to take it politely with these Western imposed political puppets in our land? You must be joking.

The Nigerian government backed Fulani terrorists who are massacring innocent and defenceless Nigeria civilians are they being polite?. The Nigerian Police Force and her military who are brutally extorting and extra-judicially executing fellow Nigerians are they being polite?. Because of this mentality, after all your high level education and as SANs, and all sorts of degrees you end up being ruled by certificate forgers, you end up being governed by drug Lords, we end up being governed by people with questionable characters, we end up being governed by our ancestors, people with bad reputations who shouldn't even contest as their village youth leaders; all these happens because we have failed to speak the truth to the people in position of power.

Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiorfor, Mike Ozekhome SAN and co has fought a great fight, the Nigeria Supreme Court can never build a castle on the air and expect it to stand, they have no option than to #FREE_MAZI_NNAMDI_KANU on 15th of December. As Mazi Chinasa Nworu said on Radio Biafra, the Nigerian government is yet to see embarrassments from IPOB worldwide family in the international arena. They should harken to the voices of our agitations and give us a date for Biafra referendum. It is our fundamental human rights to demand for self-determination and any negotiation that doesn't fall on the bases of Biafra referendum, is dead on arrival. 

We must remain faithful and loyal to the leadership of this great movement, as We Move tirelessly and remain focused on the Biafra restoration project.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
X - Handle: @NdubuisiEke07



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