IPOB press release 
Published on the Biafra Post 
August 3, 2023 

The global family and movement of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) condemns the abduction and detention of Chinonso Uba, popularly known as Nonsonkwa by the murderous DSS on the orders of the Supreme Court Governor of Imo, Hope Uzodinma. 

Nonsonkwa is a journalist and human rights defender who has been the voice of the voiceless in Imo State under the repressive government of the Supreme Court Governor in Imo State. It is obvious that Hope Uzodinma is tactically eliminating and intimidating oppositions and those with dissenting views or voices so as to rig himself into power without resistance in the upcoming gubernatorial/ governorship election. Hope Uzodinma was an imposed governor from the previous notorious janjaweed led Supreme Court of Nigeria and the APC cabal of the fulani governmentog Nigeria. He, Uzodinma, has damaged the hitherto peaceful Imo State, which has had a far-reaching security implications on the security of the entire Igbo Land. Since the imposition of this Fulani puppet Imo State Administrator called Hope Uzodinma, Southeast leaders have never spoken with one voice as the traitor is poised to betray Ndigbo just to remain in power. In all standards, a known fraudster like Hope Uzodinma can never win an election in Imo State with our sophisticated citizenry. He is just one of the products of obnoxious, corrupt political and judiciary systems in Nigeria.

It is only in a pariah state like Nigeria that the Nigeria Secret Police (DSS) serves the interest of the corrupt political class in silencing and suppressing human rights activists like Nonsonkwa. In sane societies, the Secret Police protect the activists who are human rights defenders and social crusaders. We, therefore, call on DSS to free Nonsonkwa or charge him to court if he has committed any offense. The attitude of the arrest and detention of a suspect while shopping for evidence is one of the warped justice systems that qualifies Nigeria as a zoo and a pariah state.

We want Hope Uzodinma to remember that he can sleep and wake up in Abuja daily and bribe Tom, Dick, and Harry to rig himself into power, but he will remain an outcast during and after office. The innocent blood this vampire has wasted will hunt him and his generations forever. We encourage Ndi Imo to remain resolute and do everything possible not to be bought over by the Imo Vampire to furtherance his murderous government during the upcoming Imo State gubernatorial  or governorship election like he did last time. 

Hope Uzodinma, the Nigeria Government, and DSS should release a Human Rights Defender, Nonsonkwa, or charge him to Court. Amnesty International Nigeria and other Human Rights Organizations in Nigeria should demand the immediate release of Chinonso Uba (Nonsonkwa) from DSS detention.



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