Published  on the Biafra post August 30, 2023 

In an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde, coup leader Brice Oligui Nguema has stated that the president, who has been placed under house arrest by the military, will retain his rights and privileges.

“He is a Gabonese head of state. He is retired. He enjoys all his rights. He is a regular Gabonese citizen, just like everyone else,” Nguema affirmed.

However, Nguema did not confirm whether he intends to declare himself as the new president of the central African country.

“I am not declaring myself at this moment. I am not considering anything for now,” he mentioned.

Regarding the possibility of leadership transition, Nguema revealed, “This is a discussion we will be having with all the generals. We are convening at 2pm [13:00 GMT]. The aim will be to achieve consensus. Each person will present their ideas, and the best ones will be chosen, including the individual to lead the transitional period.”



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