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August 26, 2023 

The lawmakers said unconditional release of Kanu is the main panacea for peace in the south east.

Chairman of the committee, Obinna Aguocha, made the plea at a hearing of the committee, yesterday, saying: “As we navigate the complexities of security concerns, we must also be prepared to tackle the roots of these issues at their core and work to ensure lasting solutions that would stand the test of time.”

He noted: “Absolute peace, reduction of crime and criminality, investment in meaningful infrastructure development, ending the unproductive sit-at-home and improving economic growth and opportunities in the south east, start with government’s recognition of the rule of law, justice, and equitable inclusion of the south east zone in Project Nigeria, and the unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from unlawful detention, to ensure lasting peace and security in the entire region.”

The House had, prior to embarking on its ongoing recess, pledged to wade into the matter, following a similar demand through a motion.

Aguocha said: “The challenges we face are not mere statistics or headlines; they are real-life manifestations that affect the lives of our people, disrupt the functioning of our institutions and communities, thus impeding growth of our region.”

According to the lawmaker, instances of criminal activities, banditry, kidnapping, assassinations, communal and religious clashes, and threats to life have shaken the very foundation of society. Therefore, “as leaders and stakeholders, it is incumbent upon us to come together, transcend our differences, and find sustainable solutions that will quell these threats and pave the way for a brighter future.”

He added: “We recognise that insecurity cannot be combated by one entity alone; it does require a collective, multi-faceted approach that encompasses various perspectives and expertise of law enforcement agencies, community leaders, policymakers, scholars, and citizens.

“The cross-border dynamics of the primary focus areas bring additional complexity to the challenges of the task ahead. The common borders, shared with four other states connect the primary focus areas to Ebonyi State via Isiagu, Enugu State via Agwu, Imo state via Okigwe and Anambra via Awka.

“The opportunity for interstate collaboration presents itself and must be explored to foster regional participation. The challenges faced by one state ripple across its neighbors, and therefore, our strategies for resolution must be all-inclusive. By synergising our resources, expertise, and perspectives, we can create a stronger front against insecurity and strengthen the bonds that bind us together.”




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