Written By Mazi Simeon Green | The Biafra Post | June 22, 2023

I didn't witness the civil war but from my father's account/records of the war history and the pictures he showed me I saw a people devastated by war.

My father told me stories of which I even saw some of the vintage war videos on black and white; some are even blurred but I still could get the message. After the genocidal war which saw to the massacres of Biafrans in different parts of Nigeria and in Biafra land, destroying and taking over the Igbo man's properties (movable and non movable assets), and their monies in the Nigerian banks became a war bounties as spoils of war for the rest of Nigerians that fought against the Biafrans.

Since then the war ended it has become a norm in Nigeria that Biafrans must be trailed at all cost in every facet of their life existence. It's so appalling as this has become a culture yet the so-called Igbo political class because of greed and quest for power have lied to us on numerous occasions without shame, honor and dignity and led our people - the Biafrans most especially the Igbos who are the prime target and victims of ethnic profiling into a wrong romantic relationship with their mortal enemies.

We all witnessed to what happened to Mr. Peter Obi, the Nigerian peoples choice, a lover of Nigeria to the core and that serves him right maybe he would learn the hard way; also look at how they disgraced the former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor and currently the Governor of Anambra State Prof. Chukwuma Soludo on the 29th day of May 2023. One fake thing about them is that they think we are all fools that's why they always think that they can lure and continue to push us into this deadly romantic affairs with Nigeria that has never favored us as a race and people under one God.

Once any tribe in Nigeria wants to be noticed, they will pick at Biafrans for no just cause, they will first go after the Biafrans living in their lands; most times Biafrans pay heavily with their lives on the altar of promoting one dead beat Nigeria. Their state government policies are targeted at confiscating our properties acquired with our sweat and blood in a dwindling and high inflation rate economy yet our politicians will encourage our people to stay back because they are benefitting from the pains of their brethren. Most times our Biafrans politicians in Ohaneze Ndigbo rank, Igbo politicians chides our people to remain peaceful and law abiding irrespective of the attacks and humiliations our people pass through on daily basis.

We are the victims of blockade, we are the victims of genocide, we are the remnants of the genocidal war, we are the victims of ethnic profiling and prejudice in Nigeria and that's the major reason why the Indigenous People of Biafra has taken it upon themselves that our people must be liberated from this bondage of a choking union, we are the Indigenous People of Biafra and we cannot stay to say nothing and do nothing - never !.

After the just concluded 2023 Presidential election in Nigeria that Ahmed Bola Tinubu winning the race, I saw something different; the same group of youths that were chanting and deluding themselves (our youths), with the Obidient mantra movement in the North and in the Western parts of Nigeria burnt down some Market places that was foolishly built by Ndigbo in their various states, i know that Nigeria is of no good to Ndigbo and Biafrans at large.

When I saw the multi billion naira Alaba International market being demolished to debris on the ground I cried myself out because if Ndigbo were wise enough like they loudly claim; mainly those living in Lagos and Abuja we would have unanimously freed our leader and restored our great nation but we are a set of people that turned our land to a place only habitable to our aged parents. 

No form of revolutionize industry ideology cum acumen to bring about our resources and our youths back to home to build our places to the taste of what we are offering to Nigeria yet they are destroying our means of livelihoods including our living places all in a bid to subjugate us forever under shackles in  Nigeria.

The Nigerian government deliberately activated this economic strangulation policies in our region, they turn back to tell us that there's nothing like economic viability in the Eastern region known to be Biafra, they use their medias, to media hype this nonsense that our people keyed in to this fallacy that our land are landlock so we can migrate to the North or West after our school days and then help build their economy and their region.

Regrettably is that once our dying time is on our door step we remember home, we return to the East with nothing and next is death and our place becomes a cemetery ground. If our lands are landlock why are they occupying our land with their military formations everyday?.
The keep sending Fulani militias in our land all in the name of Nigerian Army to control us.

When are we going to open our eyes and see to this cold war, to this tribal and hatred on us?. When are we going to unanimously fight for our collective freedom? when are we going to speak with one voice like our forefathers did?. This deadly romans we are into with the North and Western Nigeria won't stop them from taking us down at will. Biafra is the only sure way out of this ethnic profiling and prejudice towards our race as a people organically formed under one God. 

Our people should start thinking home now, we need no philosopher here to tell us that we are not needed in Nigeria. Come home and invest because the worst is on the way coming prior to when they will hatch it; till  Biafra becomes free we all are slaves in this British government contraption called Nigeria.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07


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