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May 20, 2023

It is our culture and our cultural day, it is our heritage day, to us every 30th of May remains our ritual day that we commune in sobriety reflecting on the many struggles that thus brought us to limelight that our history will never be erased from the annals. On 30th of every May the Indigenous People of Biafra finds it profoundly grateful to venerate our dead loved ones; it is on this day that our heroes and heroines handed over to us - The Indigenous People of Biafra the beacon of light and hope that humanity maybe set free and free indeed.

It's a clarion call that we must at all time answer to this noble call irrespective of what the enemies think of us, we bluntly don't care neither do we give a damn how they feel on this day. Recall that it was on this day, the 30th of May 1967 that it all started to rain blood, our people watered our own land with their own blood in the quest for emancipation from a choking union.

It was on 30th of May 1967 that the agents and forces of darkness that exist in human forms colluded together and unleashed genocide on our people - the Biafra race, some Super World Powers in connivance with the British government of Harold Wilson gave an outright order to unleash genocide on all of us, individually as a family and collectively as a race that history till date finds it very difficult and shy away from designating the Biafra war, a genocidal war and; till today none of these war criminals from the Nigeria government are facing nor standing any form of trial before the court of law for different degrees of war crimes committed within the Biafra geo-space.

30th of May is of significant importance to us as a people that we can't afford to joke with it a bit for anything; it reminds us of our rough beginnings, the hurdles, the struggles, the agonies, the miseries, the cries, the pains, the hate, the love, the gang-up, the deaths, the massacres, the rampaging, the maiming, the genocide and recently the forceful usurpation of our land by the Nigeria government to hand same over to the Fulani people who are not Indigenous to us, all these are [were] meted out to a particular and peculiar race because they asked for nothing else but to be left alone in their ancestral land where they live and will promulgate and make their own laws as they deem necessary and govern themselves against external control as to what is obtainable in Nigeria under the British government covenant.

Why 30th May?

The Indigenous People of Biafra on this day remembers our fallen heroes from 1904 of the British government invasion and expedition in our territory and still sponsoring same through proxy.

We remember the victims of Northern Nigeria riots, victims of 1967-1970 genocide, victims of Asaba massacre that happened under the administration of Ifeanyi Okowa, Aba massacres under Okezie Ikpeazụ administration, Emene massacre under Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi administration, Igweocha and Obigbo massacres under the ruthless command of Nyesom Wike, Orlu massacre under the chief butcher one of Imo State - the Abuja made governor Hope Uzodinma. Ebonyi State massacres, and secret abductions under the administration of Chief butcher two - Dave Umahi. Onitsha, Nkpor Anambra massacres under the administration of Peter Obi and Willie Obiano.

We remember the gallant men of Eastern Security Network who paid the ultimate price for our freedom chasing out Fulani criminal and terror elements living in our forests and bushes committing all manner of atrocities, ranging from maiming, intimidating, bullying, threatening of lives, pillaging our farm lands, raping our mothers and sisters and killing them afterwards in the bushes, killing of our old and able young men in farms.

On 30th May, we remember those killed by Fulani herdsmen and those that died as a result of the Nigeria government state sponsored terror on Biafrans so as to dissuade our people from asking the right questions and put a permanent end to the call for self-determination through referendum and not through militancy or war.

On 30th May, we remember the victims of Atlantic and Sahara Desert slave trade, those that died in the ocean and high seas and those that died in the scorching desert.

On 30th May, we remember those that chose death rather than be a possession as a slave to another man born as they too were born. We also remember those that suffered and died under the brutality and inhuman treatment of the Nigerian government and that of the slave masters.

All these notable events were all enmeshed to be remembered on every 30th May as long as humanity keep existing on earth and the great beyond, we are not going away, we are not going nowhere, we are Indigenous People of Biafra. The Nigeria government can go ahead and kill foreign diplomats to hang it on the neck of the Indigenous People of Biafra and her leadership just to dent our image but that would never stop nor deter us from demanding for referendum, self-determination is our right and that we must get and, that the memories of all Biafrans slayed, mowed, killed, enslaved, bombed, starved to death may find a resting place. 

That's what 30th May is all about. It tells a unique story of a race facing horrible extinction forces in the hands of the British government in collaboration with the Fulani Nigeria government, the stories are in different chapters and verses but in the end freedom will be ours to sing.

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