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January 8, 2023 

First, with the recent scripted poorly video published by the government of Imo State - Senator Hope Uzodimma and her Imo State State government press media team - Orient FM and Orient Television and lots of other Nigeria national daily's press team made up of hungry and haggard looking brown envelope journalists has gone a very long way to tell us and humanity at large that journalism in Nigeria lack set objectivity, it also entails that the highest bidder in government places and corridors of power in Nigeria today gets the best concocted lies published as news in their news outlets and platforms without carrying out; embarking on any fact finding mission or investigation to arrive at what guided their intuition to their reportage.

We are going to unearth the agent of provocateurs behind this whole scene working for the government of Nigeria and how it was been planned before the said video was released for public consumption just to tarnish the image of Eastern Security Network, a security arm-wing of the Indigenous People of Biafra ably led by the liberator of our time - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the DOS who are responsible fighting against the invasion of our land by the marauding Fulani herdsmen and Fulani Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists being backed by the Fulani government of Nigeria and the Nigeria armed forces.  

We need to understand the term provocateurs, their works and its literally meaning so as to guide our sense of reasoning and know when we are being played by them for make believe. Here the Abuja made governor of Imo State government under the dictatorship of Senator Hope Uzodimma is the main provocateur that spearhead other agents of provocateurs of his ilks. A provocateur is defined as a person who intentionally encourages people to do something illegal, usually so that they can be arrested and used to signal a message to their masters that they are not relenting. And that is really what just happened in the said released video of government stage managed imposed ESN commander in Imo State.

Many of our numerous readers may not know that the said Ejima - the alleged ESN commander who was said to be arrested by the Imo State Nigeria Police Force command, is a nephew to the governor of Imo State - Hope Uzodimma. For record purpose Ejima is the commander of the militia groups created by Hope Uzodimma responsible for anti IPOB activity in Imo State. Ejima is a pure hooligan working with many unknown gunmen in Imo State and he is a nephew to Senator Hope Uzodimma. Ejima claimed to be a commander without owning to a gun as the script was poorly written however during the live broadcast there were guns dropped in front of Ejima and co. A Commander without a gun! Such is mystery.

Another fabrication and falsehood is where the said unlearned and unarticulated in logic and reasoning Mr. Ejima, claimed that Eastern Security Network have their training camp at the back of a Nigeria Police Force without the force detecting them, and how can ESN have a camp at the back of a government facility?. The names Ejima mentioned are his boys, they work together causing havoc and committing crimes in Imo State. Ejima, Sky, Zuma et al., are responsible for the killing of security personnels in the State, kidnapping for ransom, enforcing sit at home, killing Biafrans while enforcing sit at home and snatching of cars. They have already been declared wanted by DOS-ESN and their names are on our wanted list. 

In a simple term, Nigeria media Houses are tools meant for mindless spreading of falsehood, responsible for propaganda, stifling of vital information from the public and engage themselves in heavy blackmailing because they are bought over agents. When in the IPOB structure do we have DOS commander?. 

Many of us may not know the reason for the resurgence of mindless propaganda and staged arrests, interviews and blackmailing of IPOB leadership by Nigerian government through the use of her compromised media houses.

For months now, the Nigerian media had focused on Simon Ekpa's ruthless and unguarded orders and planned engagements that will betray the cause for Biafra freedom and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu being released from the DSS dungeon. These agents of provocateurs plans and moves was exposed and met with stiff reactions and undefeated reasons and we gave it equal exposure of who Simon Ekpa is, and who Simon Ekpa is really working for to jeopardize our struggle for redemption.

Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State and his counterpart from Imo State - Senator Hope Uzodimma who are responsible and secretly sponsoring the Finland petty criminal Simon Ekpa saw to the eventual total failure of making up something to continue to hold Mazi Nnamdi Kanu down in DSS solitary confinement, recall that the Appeal Court of Nigeria sitting in Abuja had discharged and acquitted the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of all the frivolous, trump up, and spurious count charges levelled against him by the Nigeria government of tyrant Muhammadu Buhari; reason they went back to media blackmailing which they dumped over the months trying so hard to use Simon Ekpa the devil's incarnate to infiltrate the leadership of Indigenous People of Biafra's Directorate of States.

Surprising they went back creating fake ESN camps on the pages of Newspapers and engineering of doctored videos where they will hire Simon Ekpa minions and other unscrupulous hirelings to act as ESN commander(s) and members, the Nigeria armed forces be it the Police or Military will beat them up as planned before acting the script and ask them to make certain confessions against IPOB, Eastern Security Network and her leadership under the command of Chinasa Nworu. We perfectly understand their frustration because we have won the argument to restore Biafra in their own very court room and they adamantly refused to obey court order. 

Imagine the Military and Police Force bursting a so called ESN camp at the back of a Police Station where free mkpurummiri, ice, known as metaphentamine is being used by the so called ESN operatives?

Can our readers imagine a situation where all the Nigeria leading media houses are interviewing one so called ESN operative and asking him who is their sponsor? And he answered Chinasa Nworu without knowing the work and role the said Chinasa Nworu does in IPOB structure then you will know that the said Ejima is not under oath neither is he an oath taken IPOB family member.

Shamefacedly is that, this is the same media houses that has kept mum over the mindless killings, massacre of innocent civilians in Eha Amufu Enugu State by the marauding Fulani terrorist herdsmen. There is no media houses, platforms or outlets outside IPOB Media team who are in Nigeria going to Eha Amufu to interview the villagers as to hear from them first hand over what really transpired in their village and also show to the world what is happening in that town but once the hear IPOB they will all jump out from their evil covens and help, even to arrange for the Biafra flag and insignia to be used while making concocted lies as news. Imagine the Military in Nigeria that has turned a blind eye to the menaces of marauding Fulani terrorist herders while massacring innocent civilians in Nigeria and elsewhere, are now more powerful to engage in bursting out of so imaginary called ESN camps and all the media houses are trending same fake news. What a country?

Biafra Reporters are here to debunk their lies, expose their missions and tell them to their face that once again, they have failed.

There is no amount of propaganda, blackmail be it using of the petty criminal living in Finland - Simon Ekpa and barrage of unknown gunmen, the brown envelope media houses, the Eastern slave governors and politicians etc can quench the will of the people to be free from modern Nigeria slavery in the hands of the oppressive Fulani government of Nigeria. No amount of propaganda and make believe can justify the continuous detention of the liberator of our time - Mazi nnamdi kanu.

You have an option and that is to free Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and set a date for referendum.

Biafra is an ideology and propaganda cannot kill her.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07



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