IPOB Press Release

Published on the Biafra Post

November 19, 2022  

We the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of our Great Leader, Mazi Nnamdi KANU, wish to debunk concocted and state sponsored media blackmail by Nigeria Military claims that they invaded ESN camp in Ohafia, Biafraland. 

We have said it before now that ESN operatives do not have any camp in Amangwu Ohafia LGA. All the criminal camps that Nigeria Army have claimed to have invaded are not ESN camps. ESN camps are secured and sacred territories. ESN don't indulge in kidnapping and collecting of ramson from innocent citizens who eventually lead military to those camps. 

The Nigeria compromised Security Agencies particularly the Military, Police, and DSS agents must stop their continuous blackmail and demonization of IPOB and ESN operatives for wanting Biafra Independence. The World and even the Nigeria Government know that  we are innocent in all their allegations.  Nigeria media should do investigative journalism and not allow Government and their security agents to use and influence them against IPOB. Our only crime against the Nigeria State is our quest and desire to be free from a Nation that hates our people.

ESN has no business or hand in the kidnapping of Army officer in Ebem Ohafia.

For Nigerian Army to claim that they raided the hideouts of Indigenous People Of Biafra or Eastern Security Network in Amangu Community, Abia State, in attempt to rescue an abducted soldier, Staff Sergeant Bassey Ikunugwan is false. If there is any such camp in Amangwu Community Ohafia, it is not ESN camp and those armed gang at the camp are not working for />

It is a calculated attempt by the Nigeria State to blackmail IPOB anytime they invade any criminal hideout. This type of blackmail is no longer holding waters. It simply doesn't work anymore. We advise Nigeria Government and it's security agencies to change to another blackmailing format. This one has failed!

IPOB and our ESN Operatives are disciplined gallant men and women who protect our people and do not engage in any criminality or kidnapping and snatching of cars. 




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