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Oct 4,  2022

The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great Liberator, Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU wish to disassociate ourselves from the numerous Kidnappings and criminalities going on in some areas of Anambra and Imo States.

The criminalities going on within Uli, Lilu, Ihiala, Nnewi, Orsuihiteukwa, Orsu areas of Imo State and Anambra are not in any way connected to IPOB members or Leadership and we condemn it in its entirety. In a desperate efforts to blackmail IPOB, the criminals have been mentioning IPOB or ESN to their victims during their operations so that their victims will believe that they are IPOB members. One begins to wonder how a thief will rob and give his victim his house address. This is exactly what the Government sponsored criminal blackmailers are doing with the name of IPOB.

IPOB members and volunteers are disciplined and our goal is to free our people not to trouble or destroy them. IPOB will not be troubling our people and at the same time paying the ultimate price in ensuring our people are free from oppression.  Therefore, we ask everyone to work together and stop these criminals and hoodlums who were sponsored by the unfortunate politicians to terrorize our people. 

IPOB does not engage in taxing those building houses or those conducting burials. IPOB cannot indulge in collecting Millions in levies to allow people to build their own houses or bury their loved ones in Biafra Land. We want our people to report those criminals taxing them by contacting IPOB inquiry lines for proper handling by ESN.

Again, IPOB has no camp in Orsuihiteukwa, Orsumohu, Nnewi South, Lilu, or in Ihiala. Those operating in such camps in the aforementioned areas are criminals and kidnappers.

From our Intel, the following persons are at the forefront of these criminalities going on in these areas -  

1) Chinonso Akajiaku Butuzo (Temple)

A native of Chioke, Umutanze Orlu.

2) Ogbuagu Nwadiukwu aka Agama, and co criminal called Ukpaka also from Mbosi community in Ihiala LGA. They are running a criminal camp inside Mbosi community.

3. Egbe from Ihiala town second in command to late Double Lion.

4. Agu Biafra operating a camp in Orsumohu Community.

Others are Number1, Zuma, Odumodu, Sky, Obere, 50 cent, Isioma aka Mputumalika and  Wepuaka.

Also, we are making it very clear that Mazi Nnamdi  Kanu and IPOB leadership never promised to pay anyone N10 million for killing any body on our behalf. Our leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU and IPOB leadership (DOS) has always condemned those engaging in criminalities in Biafra Land. 

Our Leader MNK and DOS are  passionate for the freedom of Biafra Nation and has never and will never make any promise to anyone kill for a reward in the name of IPOB. Those committing these crimes and making such outrageous claims are Government sponsored criminals working to blackmail Mazi Nnamdi KANU and the Biafra movement.


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