Investigative Report By Biafra Reporters | The Biafra Post | August 18, 2022

South East APC chieftains bids another Eight Hundred Million Naira (#800,000,000) uncovered to be given to Southern Niger Delta militants, O.P.C, and Ebubeagu militia, BNG in the South East to disrupt elections, they are to cause stampede in all the voting units, wards and booths then and thereby introduce insecurities in the South to favour her Muslim-Muslim Jihadist Party ideology and at the same time in return blame it on IPOB/ESN.

Ahead of the Zoological Republic of Nigeria 2023 Presidential general elections; a reliable source has gathered that APC as a political party in Nigeria are not relenting to relinquish power to any of the opposition party's and that they are busy building a very strong structure of alliance of all militants groups in the South such as O.P.C Niger Delta militants,  BNG militants, Simon Ekpa Autopilot militants to compliment their Northern counterpart Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen bandits to  disrupt the coming election and form a parallel government that will lead to full jihadist take over of Aso-Rock as the Obidient Movement continue to wax strong all over the Zoological Republic of Nigeria. 

The report also claim that the PDP Northern political heavyweights are in control of larger proportion of Boko Haram faction and ISWAP while APC is in full control of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, a.k.a Fulani terrorist herdsmen, Fulani bandits, ISIS,  and a few number of Boko Haram faction that are APC loyalist. 

All the terrorists groups shall be fighting for the common interest of their sponsors but with one sole agenda which is to maintain the status quo of total control of Jihadist sympathizers in Aso-Rock come 2023  against the wishes and struggle of Nigeria Youths which it was agreed that all the political sentiments such as religious sentiment, tribal sentiment must be applied in high places even in the conventional and non-conventional media outlets as a campaign strategy to incite hatred among Nigeria Youths so as to create an avenue for disruption and mass rigging of the election.


This move is geared towards achieving a certain aim and objective. The goal is to enthrone the full, total and complete Islamization of Nigeria; Fulani common interest must first superseds every other persons interest and because of this unwavering ideology to conquer Nigeria for the Fulani will later bring the Fulani oligarchy and power mongers, religious leaders, religious bigots and ethnic bigots across party line to a round table negotiations for the Fulani they will enthrone to power irrespective of political party ideology.

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