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August 03, 2022

From the origin of kingdoms, empires, protectorates, colonialists, slave masters and nowadays neo-colonialism, imperialists have been seeking for control to people's lives. And, whenever this act of "lord it over them" is to be carried out, there will always be an imposed gang of people whose their job will be to make sure that the oppressors succeeded in enslaving or annihilating their own people while the imposed agents will never mind what they will suffer thereafter.

So many years now, these acts of illegal arrest, maiming, forceful disappearance, summary execution and annihilation is what was obtainable in a German Gestapo regime of Hitler. The Nazi Germany's political secret police were responsibile for co-ordinating the brutal deportation of Jews to a place of torture, manhandled them to concentration camps, killing sites and to execution centers is still replete and ongoing in the World especially in Nigeria. Gestapo regime killed many Jews just for a sheer hatred and misconceptions. Germany Gestapo police were heartless and ruthless to the core, they burglar and ransacked homes, they humiliated the Jews, extorted their properties, and today there is no difference in what the Nigeria government under governor Hope Uzodimma and Ebubeagu Militia are doing in Imo State with what these gestapo secret police did in their own time.

After the Berlin Conference of, 1884-1885, some countries were declared protectorates under Britain like Ghana, the old Gold Coast is one of the protectorate of Britain. Nigeria, Former Royal Niger Company is a protectorate of Britain, Uganda and others too. All these countries are nothing to write home about when it comes to independence or anything national interest that will favour them against their controllers. The balkanization of African territories and call it countries was the first start to destroying our lives as it is happening today in Nigeria.

A quick look at the situation of Nigeria the shit hole country by President Trump of United States of America and a Burial ground by President Vladimir Putin of Russia. Colonization and fake Independence had been the eyes with which Britain uses to suppress African nationalities that tries to emancipate themselves from slavery mostly, the Biafrans as they discovered the uniqueness of them in refusal to accepting any iota of subjugation. For more clarity purpose, after the gory genocide against Biafrans, Nigeria also was used to round up our Veterans and Kings, killed them with poison after an Abuja ceremony just to make sure that the story of Biafra War remains untold in its clarity form to their children while Britain continues to create economic havoc to the region.

Not quite long after the incident, the British government suggested and helped the Nigerian government create a secret killing police force called Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) to continue the killings unhindered. This is the beginning of gestapo regime in our land in its grand style. SARS committed so many crimes against free citizens of Nigeria which led to the #ENDSARS Protest in 2020, October precisely. Each time any wave of a good new civilization is seen trying to take its position in Nigeria, the government under Britain will repeat the annihilation method they used on Biafra during the Biafra genocide by setting up a gang of killers and impostors. A country of no future for her people.

Today, a replica of Nazi's Gestapo regime is taking effect in Biafra land and at its peak with no empathy, maiming the people of Biafra and trying so hard to hand over our land to the homeless Fulani wanderers that turned to terrorists with their cohorts imposed on us as Governors and Ebubeagu Militia.
In Imo State, Governorship election was held. One may wonder how a man who came fourth (4th) in election became the winner of the said election to his opponent, Chief Emeka Ihedioha in the court of Nigeria where all the arms of government are embedded in corruption, would such a person protect the citizens who did not vote for him. Welcome to election rigging government of Nigeria.

Election was overturned, no doubt, it's clear to everyone and an agreement was signed before the Supreme Court Governor was imposed on Imolites. Hope Uzodimma is an Abuja made governor to work for Fulani interest in Biafra land, and he is rightly doing so since he assumed office, Imo State had continued to mourn and bury innocent people every day. Senator Hope Uzodimma lies in every bit of questions asked to him whenever people are angry to the happenings in Imo State, he removes or kills the leader of any community in position of leadership who never agreed to his evil government.
Chiefs and Kings, the custodians of our culture and traditions were slaughtered in broad day light when they refused the dirty offer given to them by Hope Uzodimma against the Imo citizens.

Hope initiated the -away of high censored phones in order for SARS and DSS to track down any member of IPOB and kill them secretly without any court trial. Hope Uzodimma the Supreme Court Governor joined hands with DSS to kill and harvest their organs, a video of that heinous crime went viral on social media where our young men and women's body were frozen and parked in a warehouse without their body organs.
This Hopeless Uzodimma of Imo State signed into law the imprisonment of any Imo parents who reject marriage of our young girls to the terrorists called Fulani, when did marriage became a do or die issue to a well cultured place like Biafra land?.

Hope Uzodimma trained many criminal gangs and equipped them with guns and bullets with every government back up to make sure that Fulani terrorists continue their destructions of our farm lands, raping and killing our people.
Hope Uzodimma pays home and abroad criminals who have no jobs to recruit cultists, vagabonds and hooligans outside the state to come to Imo State and kill Biafrans. He masterminded the killing of our dear Comrade, Ikonso in Imo State for saying "NO" to Fulani terrorist herdsmen attacks in Imo State and set up an anti-Ikonso force to kill innocent people just to encourage the Fulanisation agenda from the North.

Hope Uzodimma openly welcomed the Fulani Militia called Ebubeagu whose their aim is to do the works of gestapo style in disguise. Ebubeagu Militia is a Nigeria trained Militia group formed under the Nigeria/Britian government commands from different African countries where Fulanis have their tribes, it is not only in Nigeria but across Africa they receive trainings from DSS and Nigeria military forces. Hope Uzodimma never meant well for Imolites by inviting these militia men.
Ebubeagu kills secretly and openly in broad day light, on street, roads, streams and other places just to fast forward the achievement of the janjaweed's agenda against the Biafrans.

14 young Imo youths were gruesomely murdered by Ebubeagu recently in Imo State while coming back from traditional wedding ceremony of their brother. The governor lied before the camera and tried to cover the whole evil story by saying they were bandits. In spite of all the videos and evidences given by the groom and the people that witnessed the evil act.  Hope Uzodimma will always do the work of the Fulanis just as his counterpart the Ebonyi State Governor - Engr. Dave Umahi is doing. Fulanis are protected by the federal government, her armed forces and the state government giving them every logistics to penetrate into our rural areas and kill anybody while the governors stand and watch the blood of Biafrans spilled all over the place. It is an insult to everyone of us for someone to ever think of normads who are from Mali and other parts of Africa to come to our land and force us out of our homes, are we Cowards? No! Hope Uzodimma is the Coward.

The aim on the Fulanis'  is to occupy Biafra land before tyrant Muhammadu Buhari, their patron and leader steps down out of office as a President. In the whole world, when a man or a group of people are carrying sophisticated weapons killing and destroying properties, they are being known as terrorist and the government of such country where they are always fights against them. But in Nigeria, full citizenship were given to them. NIN is just an example of how Nigeria government welcomes terrorists. Opening of Northern borders and closed the West and Eastern region borders are total act of given terrorists full support to conquer the indigenous people. Everything the Nigerian government does in Biafra land is targeted towards the humiliation of Biafrans, no wharf, no international airport and no any embassy no federal government presence in our land. Why are they telling the world that we are one Nigeria?. Absolutely we are not Nigerians but Biafrans.

Finally, Imo State will always win as they have rose up against this onslaught against them by the imposed governor. I urge our dear Imolites to continue with their quest of abolishing the Militia group called Ebubeagu through their peaceful protests.
No Imolites should allow the Janjaweed in Ikonso's House to kill them again, Imo state belongs to Imolites and not to a well known bleaching cream man who is on a failed mission.

Ebubeagu and Fulanis will suffer for the crimes they committed against Biafrans from generation to generations as Biafrans and the world will never forget it. Every Imo indigenes and other states indigenes should wake up and stand with Imolites to chase tse gestapo forces away in our land. Our freedom is sacrosanct and we are paying no attention to threats from a-good-for-nothing Fulani Northerners. Free Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the choice of the people.

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