IPOB Press Release
Published On The Biafra Post 
July 5,2022

We the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu totally condemn the recent attacks and killings of Biafrans in Nko Obubara Cross Rivers State. In what can be discribed as State sponsorsed genocide, the Nigerian ethnic bias Military mapped out some communities where the interest of the Fulanis lie for extermination of the indigenes and residents. They use Nigeria military to advance their fulani jihadist agenda. 

The Eastern Region (South East, South South) in the expired country Nigeria is no longer safe since Fulani terrorists in uniforms can single out perceived enemy's territories that must be occupied and whose indigenes lives must be destroyed strategically for Fulanis who are imported from Futa Jalon to come and occupy.

Haven murdered the innocent and helpless Nko Obubara community in cold-blood, the Army Chief of Staff went on Arise Television to defend the trigger happy soldiers who's only perfect project and achievements are extermination of unarmed indigenous people from Biafra land. 

The Army Chief used the AriseTv platform to narrate their usual falsehood to the uninformed Nigerians and their International allies who support them to eliminate Biafrans. It is only in Nigeria that Military burn people's properties and massacre unarmed civilians in what they termed a reprisal attack when they lost fight with unknown gunmen. 

Nigeria terrorist groups and the Nigeria terrorist Army share the same habit of burning properties and killing innocent people in Biafra Land.  This same terrorist Army do not do the same in the North where they are killed daily by their affliate terrorists in Boko Haram, ISWAP, Ansuren and Bandits.

To the  point that the  terrorists Invaded Nigeria defence academy in Kaduna and murdered soldiers and Nigeria army didn't attack villagers the way they normally do in the Eastern region.

IPOB is raising alarm over these constant killings going on in Biafra territories of South East and South South. The International Community must not turn a blind eyes on these continuous State sponsored killings of Biafrans in their homes because Biafrans will change to unimaginable way that will affect the whole world. We call on Human Rights watch, United Nations Human Rights Council, United Nations human rights commission to quickly intervene into this ethnic depopulation agenda and all the arms of Human and People's Right to break their silence over the ongoing silent genocide in our land. 

The indigenes and the eye witnesses from the affected communities who have lost their love ones to the hands of murderous Nigeria terrorist Army are the only ones who truthfully give account of the incidence not Army professional disinformation propaganda machine.

These Communities should be visited for accurate and truthful account of the attrocities being committed on them by Nigeria Terrorist Army for adaquate compensation made to the affected families. Governor of Cross Rivers State must ensure that this ethnic cleansing agenda must stop because we are sure he is dancing to the tune of fulani terrorists government to eliminate his people, shame on you. 

The magnitude of Military exercise and killings being conducted in our land even while there's petty or no crime at all had never been launched in reality in any part of Nigeria. For instance, there isn't such civilian brutal military operations in the Northern Nigeria where it is evidently clear and global knowledge that all sorts of crimes thrive such as kidnap for ransom, kidnap for political negotiations, kidnap for religious advancement, kidnap sponsored by the office of the presidency (which includes Extraordinary Rendition), armed robbery and full-scale terrorism. 

Nigeria is a country where police will use prisoners to commit all sorts of />

Our people must come together and rise up against this injustice and deliberate depopulation agenda by physical murder, displacement of our villagers and indigenous people, destruction of our means of livelihood, cash crops and livestock to ensure that we don't return after being chased away from our land by the Army of occupation. 

Nigeria Government and its soldiers are the enemies of our land and people, therefore we must join hands and our voices together to rescue our land and ask them to leave us alone. 


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