IPOB Press Release 
Published On The Biafra Post
June 2, 2022 

Biafra (IPOB) condemn the kidnapping of Igbo Rev Fr. Oliver Okpala by Fulani Bandits in Sokoto state. He hails from Oboama Nguru Aboh Mbaise LGA Imo State. CAN deliberately ignored his ordeal simply for the fact that he is an Igbo man (priest), that is why the Igbo Christians ought as a matter of urgency form their Christian Association as matter affecting their right to life in Nigeria are consistently being neglected. 

This Reverend was ordained as a Catholic Priest last year and was transferred to Sokoto state where he was serving as a parish priest. 

He is one of the Catholic priest kidnapped by Fulani bandits that no body is talking about, no verifiable effort nor common condemnation from C.A.N, no reportage from B.B.C and other media because Igbos are the victims of Nigeria, is the the priest an IPOB member?

Why would a Catholic priest suffer deliberate neglect and discrimination due to his IGBO-RACE and the Catholic as a body is mute? 

Has he been regarded of no political advantage to CAN, Political class and the media that condemnation of afflictions of an Igbo man in Nigeria is either celebrated, turned against same or ignored as if they deserve it?

It was not surprising that the vice President Yemi Osibanjo was very quick to condemn the killing of a Northern woman and her 4 kids which occurred in Anambra state because he wants Northerners to support his presidential ambition. And he in his usual character maintains total silence whenever there occurr tragedies such as slaughtering of Biafrans in the Fulani North and destruction of Biafra business by Fulani religious extremist and Jihadist Muslims.

IPOB do not care if acclaimed pastor, Vice president Yemi Osibanjo would keep Nigeria one yet, he will follow the footsteps of his master Buhari who thinks that Igbos (5%, dot in a circle) do not deserve protection nor to live. 

Igbos were the first to alarm, tweet and publicly condemned the extra judicial killing of a Christian school girl by her fellow students of Shehu' shagari college of Education for an alleged blasphemy of prophet Muhammed in student's whatsaap forum by Islamic extremists of the school in Sokoto state.

Christian Association of Nigeria leadership maintains absolute silence over Rev. Oliver, but are smart and in unism in fallacious accusation of IPOB for the criminal state sponsored murder of a Northern woman and kids in Anambra State. 

May I advise Igbo, politicians, Bishops, pastors and Reverend fathers including the whole of Christians from Biafraland should wake up, have a rethink "count your cost"  and evaluate which is urgent and better for you now between failed-state politics and fight for your freedom, everlasting freedom of your people would be preferred if you ask me than managing in this contraption called Nigeria. 



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