IPOB Press Release
Published On The Biafra Post
June 2, 2022 

The attention of the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU has been drawn to the atrocities being committed by the Nigeria Police and its sister security agencies in Biafraland on daily basis in Imo State and its environs.

The Commissioner of police in Imo State his men  equips condemned and hardened criminals prison custody guns, instruct them to go and rob the public and bring back the money gotten for sharing just to smear ESN and IPOB reputation.

Our intelligence unit the M.Branch uncovovered this wicked act of police in Biafraland. IPOB is raising alarm for the world to understand that Nigeria is doing everything to justifiably persuade the International community that IPOB (The largest global movement) should be labelled Terrorists for seeking "Self determination".

We have repeatedly stated that IPOB is not responsible for the killings and criminalities going on in Imo State and entire region, but Nigeria and it's media persistently sell the mind control narrative to the gullible.  

The Kidnappings and car snatchings going on in Imo State and Eastern region are masterminded by Nigeria Government and its security agencies especially the police, DSS and army. 

It is on record that the Fulani Herdsmen terrorists most whom are evidently accommodated in military Barracks uses Nigeria security uniforms and insignias, commit all sorts of crimes in the region particularly in the Biafra Hinterland. 

We are witnesses to the fact that most of the atrocities committed are very difficult to unveil even while we see them being carried out considering that no civilian is allowed to investigate the Nigerian police and the military and remain alive.

After collaboration with the criminals, they share the proceed realized from  innocent citizens of the East.

They make it categorically clear to the criminals that their survival lies in their hand while in operation. you are killed during the operation anonymous survivor stated, these criminals are neutralised especially when spotted to hide their evil deeds and tag them ESN or IPOB (a policeman said hiding his identity). 

We can Authoritatively make reference that a case of one Mr Solomon a known criminal from Izombe in Oguta LGA who carried out several dirty jobs for police and military, was unfortunately apprehended by the community and handed over to the police, and the same police killed him and tagged him ESN because they thought that he will expose them. 

The Military extrajudicialy randomly kill able-bodied people with an assumption that they're enemies and must be ESN or IPOB member.

We call on all Governors in the East and other politicians to make a thorough accessment of the police from the Commissioner to the Constable, The Army and the joint military from the General Officers Commanding to the Privates,  same with Civil Defense, Immigration, Customs and other armed agencies. 

Igbo Governors must urgently investigate our claims before changes are made amongst them. IPOB took painstaking steps to ascertain the root cause of the senseless murder in our land. 

We have nothing to benefit from distabilizing Anambra or any part of Biafraland, We have nothing in contention with Gov. Chukwuma Soludo and his commitment to developing Igbo land. 

We once again disassociate ourselves from whosoever wants to use these atrocities to set him against IPOB by creating the wrong impression that IPOB is the one behind the abominable things in his state. 
Our people should be wiser and understand the antics of our enemies.

For the records,  IPOB M.Branch also discovered that the failed attempt by Nigeria police in Imo State to bomb Addax Flow station will also be tagged  that it was done by IPOB/ESN. The man with the explosive to bomb the oil flowstation died when the bomb exploded on the way to the flowstation, otherwise they would have tagged him IPOB/ESN. 



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