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June 4, 2022 

The Finland based blogger Simon Ekpa have been taking advantage of the absences of the Ipob leader Nnamdi kanu to gather for himself followers against the principles of Kanu. He bought over some loyal subjects of Nnamdi kanu via romance, especial one Dr Nelly ofoegbu who was ones a mobilization officer of Ipob in the USA, his amorous escapade with her led to her blackmailing the Ipob structure calling them names and character assassinating them just for her amorous relationship with the Finland based blogger, who is desperate for leadership. 

For some weeks now their relationship has fiddled away as the Finland based blogger " fine boy" is now looping with another lady. 

According to information available to infobyte Dr Nelly has threatened to expose her former lover boy for the fraud he is, his complicity in Nnamdi kanu Kenya kidnap, his fraud of highjacking Ipob structure, his fraud of syphoning Ipob USA money and his general criminality but out of fear of been ridiculed Simon Ekpa released her video chat with him where she was in a bathroom naked.

Remember this two were lovers and the video was taken while their amorous relationship lasted.

But the question is why blackmail her with her nude picture in your custody.
Why change the location where the picture was taken as been in a shrine, instead of been in her bathroom or is her bathroom a shrine? 

Simon Ekpa who claimed " I am Nelly and Nelly is me" is now telling his guidable followers that her girlfriend was the in Nnamdi kanu kidnap, so why is Simon telling us now, if indeed she was involved has Simon apologize to the DOS who he vilified as an accomplice, well this is a discussion for another day.

Dr. Nelly and her nude is in public by a blackmailer Simon Ekpa because she threatened to expose his frauds, keep the record straight.

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