Written by Anyi Kings for Biafra Reporters 
May 7, 2022 
                                                                                                                                                                 The visit of United Nations (UN) Chief Antonio Guterres to the Fulani Caliphate in North East Nigeria, and the Support of Mr. Secretary General, for the continuous  Re-integration of Fulani fighters and Jihadists, as Repentant Boko Haram in disguise, back  into the mainstream Society, the Nigeria Military. Though received as a shock to the sane world, this exposes the Institution called United Nations, as an Organization, already hijacked by Religious Extremists, Racists, Pro-genocidal and anti-Peace, most especially when it comes to Peace in Africa.                                                                                       I have tried to read some of the Statements from the UN Chief, while on his tour in the Fulani North of the Zoological Republic of Nigeria, from different Media Platforms, including Foreign and local Media. It is unfortunate, to find out that his fruitless visit, was better not visited at all based on what I have read so far.  
Nigeria’s North East one can say without any equivocation in the past decades,has become the most troubled Region in this British Contraption called Nigeria.  This Region has been overrun by Islamic insurgents, despite the overwhelming Evidence and News Reports highlighting high level collusion and Complicity, by top government Officials and Politicians, of Fulani Extraction. Nigeria government Officials from the Fulani Stock remain Complicit in aiding these terrorists.  
The United Nations Secretary General, having visited the epic Center, of terrorism and Banditry in Nigeria, was afforded the opportunity, to speak to both Politicians and politically exposed persons, including Islamic Clerics/Traditional Rulers that have been fingered, as established Sponsors of these Merchants of death. The visit also provided him another Opportunity, to speak to the acclaimed Repentant Boko Haram members, as well as thousands of Victims in IDP Camps, dotted across the Arewa North. One would have expected, some direct and vital questions and/or interrogation, directed at these different groups, in order to get to the Roots of the Conflicts, and proffer lasting Solutions to end this protracted Conflicts and usher in a reign of enduring Peace, across the Region and the nation in general.
Behold the UN Chief took the opposite direction, while reading an already made Script. He said that he is in support of, the government’s re-integration of Repentant Boko Haram program already in place. What Guiteras supports are programs, that is in implementation over the years, which actually escalated the level of insecurity, in almost every part of the Country. The insecurity created has left all Indigenous People in Nigeria across other geo-political Regions hapless, in the face of endless Fulani massacres and genocide, as they flee out of their occupied Homeland for safety. As these Indigenous People flee from their homes, Fulani Jihadists and Terrorists keep occupying, ancestral land belonging to these Indigenous People. This is Fulani styled Occupation.
This is an indication, that the UN Chief’s Claim of humanitarian visit in Nigeria, is nothing but a visit of genocidal promotion and empowerment. Antonio Guterres has demonstrated two things in his visit to Nigeria’s Arewa North. First among these is a demonstration of his incapacity to diplomatically initiate, genuine and enduring Peace in the troubled geo-political Zones and across Nigeria. As a diversely populated nation the need for Conflict Resolution over Religious and Ethnic diversity, cannot be over emphasized. 
The UN Chief’s visit to Nigeria demonstrates his unalloyed commitment to strengthen the hitherto existing and decadent statuesque in Nigeria. The aim is to consolidate domination by the Fulani Oligarchy over other Indigenous People. This Fulani domination, Occupation and Control, enables the continuation of economic exploitation by western powers, in what they called, West Africa's most populous nation. The sustenance of the Neo-Colonial agenda remain detrimental to all Indigenous People in Nigeria.
 No wonder the UN Chief boycotted Biafra land in his visit, and couldn't make any comments, on the recent Biafra-Nigeria Conflict, reverberating all over the world since the year 2012 till date, by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), whose leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu though a British Citizen, is presently under going incarceration, torture and all kind of inhumane dehumanizing treatment, in the DSS Dungeon for over 10 months. The Nigeria Authorities violated International Law,    to extraordinarily rendition him to Nigeria, for political persecution. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a certified Prisoner of Conscience and remains incarcerated, because of his Political views; in demanding for a Referendum for the Biafra People. 
The question UN Chief must not fail to answer, is how does advocating for the re-integration, of Boko Haram terrorists under the disguise of Repentance, back to mainstream Society, who have suffered and continue to suffer genocide, while thousands if not millions of Indigenous people in Nigeria, are Victims as Refugees in various  IDP Camps help to promote Peace? while the UN keeps  a blind eye, and ignore to address the Biafra agitation; And demand for the Release of the IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. He still remains a Prisoner of Conscience, in this same Country, where ‘Peace’ is expected? Hypocrisy at its apex?       

There are many pertinent questions begging for answers.                                                             How can there be Peace without Equity?                                                                                          How can there be Peace without Justice?                                                                                        How can there be Peace without the Respect for                                                                   human Rights and dignity? 

Does the United Nations Authorities, still have any iota of humanity, and good Conscience, in them devoid of Special Political Interests, at the detriment of Nigeria’s Indigenous People ?

It's time for UN to prevail over Nigeria, by escalating a process, which shall see to the peaceful disintegration of Nigeria, along Religious and Ethnicity and Value System. It is common knowledge that Boko Haram in her early beginning started a peaceful agitation, with an agenda to have Nigeria as an Islamic state, and implement Sharia law within Nigeria tertiary, until the unprofessional Nigerian Security Agents, under the Obasanjo Administration, extra-judicially killed its leader Mohammed Yusuf, which transformed the group to extremism, under Abubakar Shekau now allegedly killed. 

Justice demands that Boko Haram, have the Right to their Islamic state aspiration, as an Independent Country, in their part of Northern Nigeria, and implement whatever laws they dim fit, in their Islamic State. In the same vein, Justice demands that Biafrans as Judeo-Christians, should equally have their own separate Country, and implement their own laws of Self Preservation, in her land devoid of Islamic Sharia law threats, that is Foreign to Biafrans. 
Therefore the only viable and lasting solution, for peace for the Nigeria people, is simply to pressurize the Nigeria Government, to allow Nigeria’s Indigenous People the Right to Self Determination, through the United Nation’s SUPERVISED REFERENDUM.  If the Nigeria Indigenous People decide to separate peacefully, the palpable insecurity in across all geo-political Regions in Nigeria will end permanently. However should the Nigerian People, out of their own volition, guarantees, Respect for everyone's Faith and Culture, the hitherto existing atmosphere of insecurity across Nigeria’s geo-polity, will automatically end and permanent disappear. The Right to Self Determination is the only credible antidote to insecurity in Nigeria.  

Another pertinent question is why an Institution as the United Nations, with a very high level of awareness capacity, featuring high profile Personalities, and global assemblage or conclave of a cream of Intellectuals; with the global mandate to lead and protect World Peace, is keeping blind eyes to the obvious? 
Why has the world through the International Community chosen Economic Interest ahead of Humanity? 
Why the promotion of violence in Africa because of economical interest? How long will the west continue to use few greedy African leaders to exploit Africa at the detriments of Africans?
An Analytical Enquiry written by Anyi Kings for Biafra Reporters

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