Written By Anyi Kings for Biafra Reporters May 3rd 2022

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State is not smart enough to cover his loopholes when it comes to matters surrounding the Indigenous People of Biafra. Nyesom Wike must go back and listen to his interview with Dele Momodu before coming out to talk trash, he must understand very well that IPOB is not a movement he can play politics with as a typical Nigerian rogue he is. We are selfless freedom fighters and not like any other agitators he has ever witnessed in his life time. What makes IPOB unique is that we are not trouble makers and we decide our fate and takes our destiny in our own hands  without fear or favour. We are different specie of freedom fighters that African has never ever witnessed before.

Watching Nyesom Wike on Channel Television acknowledging the facts that he has in his possession a tape where IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu sang his praises and called him our son sometime ago is a clear testimony that IPOB are not violent people as he have been blackmailing us while claiming to be ignorant of message of hope and freedom that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have been preaching all these while even when he questioned about that.

Unfortunately he had forgotten the question  was thrown at him during his live interview with Dele Momodu but he reluctantly denied not to have heard the name Nnamdi Kanu before in his life and continued by saying he doesn't even read news papers therefore he cannot know who is Nnamdi Kanu, just in his desperate bid to play politics and cover up the atrocities he committed against our people in Obigbo during the #Endsars protests he is now trying so hard to register his name in the good book of IPOB just for politics sake and nothing more. But now he suddenly out of the blues he criminally admitted that IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu supported his re-election and called him our son. The truth is that IPOB did not just sang his praises but also many IPOB activists in the process of defending his victory while protecting their votes that saw to his re-election as Governor of River State lost their lives.

IPOB support for Nyesom Wike was a question of choosing between the two dare devil APC and PDP. Indigenous People of Biafra came up with the theory that says "the enemy you know is better than the enemy you do not know" thus gave blessings to Nyesom Wike at the poll. All the Indigenous People of Biafra expected from his Government was to allow our right of expression, assembly with regards to freedom of association and to peacefully exercise our rights for self-determination which is a recognized law under the Nigeria law but behold Nyesom Wike, on winning the election, went berserk on our people, Nyesom Wike deprived IPOB activists these fundamental human rights and sponsor our murder in cold blood while denying he is not an Igbo man and have no linkage of whatsoever with Igbo people.

Unfortunately Nyesom Wike in return paid IPOB back with massacre of Igbo Youths and denying of his Igbo identity and tagged Nigeria Youths #Endsars protests IPOB violent protests to our surprise and dismay.
It is in the print that Nyesom Wike went further to place a bounty of fifty million naira [#50,000,000], on the head of one Mr. Mgbere Stanley, who he falsely accused of being IPOB leader in his state and criminally alleged that same person led his gang to set ablaze government facilities in his state even without a thorough investigation which later was found out to be false accusations that the said young man was never a member of IPOB but Nyesom Wike in his desperate move to demonize IPOB activities in his state out of his age long hatred for Ndi Igbo horribly tagged the man an IPOB member thereby making over ten thousand [10,000] IPOB members in his state vulnerable of arrest, forceful disappearance, extrajudicial killings and summary execution without trials.

Read The Gaurdian News Paper Online of October 25, 2020 titled: Wike Offers N50 million for arrest of IPOB member, Mgbere.

The said Mr. Stanley Mgbere came out to submit self to the authority and deny being a member of IPOB. It is on record that Nyesom Wike is the only governor who falsely tagged the #Endsars protests as IPOB violent protests all in his desperate bid to demonize IPOB activities in his state. IPOB have existed in Igweocha (River State), carrying out our  activities peacefully even in the face of unwarranted provocations, illegal arrests,  detention, series of massacres counting down from Donald J. Trump rally in Igweocha on 20th January, 2017. IPOB have never been found to be violent rather Indigenous People of Biafra have always been the victims of police brutality and extrajudicial killings and massacre.

Also read the report of Whistler.Nig an online publication of January 20, 2017  titled:
BREAKING: Many IPOB Members Feared Dead In Pro-Trump Rally In Port Harcourt
By Abimbola Johnson on January 20, 2017.

It is also on record that the #Endsars protests was a Nation wide engineered peaceful protest by Nigerian youths, a protest targeted to put an end to police brutality and extrajudicial killings of Nigerian youths by the Nigerian s6ecurity operatives which Biafra agitators are the most affected victims. Available evidence are bound that the protest were peaceful until Nigeria government sponsored some hoodlums to infiltrate the protest ground that made the protest turn violence  after the Lekki tollgate Massacre. Some hoodlums sponsored by the Nigerian Government hijacked the protests.

Evidence of these sponsored hoodlums are all over the internet space and the youths decided to defend themselves from illegal arrests and extrajudicial killings which almost every state in that contrapution called Nigeria    had their own share of such violence which includes jail break, setting of police stations ablaze and open confrontation with Nigeria security forces by angry Nigerian youths.
Nyesom Wike instead of addressing the grievances of the Nigeria youths ordered for the massacre of indigenes of Obigbo and mass arrest which took over five hundred [500] lives of Igbo youths and more than two thousand [2000] arrested and ferried to different secret military dungeons in the Northern part of the Zoological Republic of Nigeria to which IPOB have been able to see to the release of over one thousand [1000] of its members that were arrested during Obigbo massacre at the order of Nyesom Wike released.

A reliable source has it that more than five hundred [500] persons are still missing while more than five hundred [500] indigenous  people have been confirmed dead or summary executed. The truth is that Nyesom Wike is now on our black book of records waiting for justice to take its course at the right time. We are IPOB we don't forgive and we don't forget and we must pay Nyesom Wike back in the same coin he used on our people for having ignorantly displayed his Igbo-Phobia for all to see, judgement day is fast approaching and we don't want to see him in any part of Igbo land for anything campaign or election purposes, let him bewarned.

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