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Kano State: Sabo Ngari in Kano State is virtually and almost hundred [100%] percent Igbo dominated area. It starts from Bata, SG Market to Ilaro/Sani Abacha way, then to New road / El-drado Cinema, down to Hausa road, Sarkin Yaki and the entire No Man's land.

Busting out at Burma road and Egbe road, weather head to France road and stops at SG market again around Yan-Kura />

The SG Kano State map that are in our possession we have briefly mentioned stated that the area is almost hundred [100] percent Igbo dominant area including its businesses and hotels.

Note: All the five star hotels in SG are owned by Igbos with exception of one or two owned by Hausa recently.


The police story of a gas explosion instead of a bomb blast is not true, now read and listen attentively;

There is nobody or individual that sells gas or its accessories like cylinder, burner at No 1------3 Aba/Court road. The people that have shops there deals on recoiling of generator sets and he is Moses by name, one Mr. Mike popularly known as Oga Ele who deals on lamination chemicals, a woman who sells public foods and minerals couple with Ejike the welder man that save the pupils from the Fulani terrorist because the school children were his target and point of assignment. 

An eye witness account has it that Mr Mike was with me in the same building for many years before he packed to that small shop up stair nearby. Unless if the police are saying that the man's chemical exploded which even at that there was no fire there or within the surrounding to cause such magnitude of ground shaking, but I doubt because lamination chemicals that the man deals on is always in rubber drums and jerricans, unless if he has started selling on iron drums.

Anyway my son told me that they are still digging and searching for the man and have called his phone several times and the phone was switched off, but the story says that the man was there this morning before the bomb blast. Further more the upstairs housing the school is at the opposite and not the same with the collapsed building that has only two stores downstairs.

The voice attached to this inveatigative write-up is a call Biafra Reporters made to one of our Igbo brethren who stays in same area with Ejike since I wasn't present at the time of the blast in Sabo Ngari Kano State.

According to our findings, there was nothing like gas explosion, the young Fulani suicide bomber dressed and came to the area like a mad man and was hanging around the school premises. One welder man in that area by name Ejike who hails form Enugu State suspected the said disguise mad man movement. Ejike in his wisdom noticed the strange movement of the suicide bomber and initially he thought he was a mad man but he summoned courage and walked up to him and tried stopping him from entering the school premises as that was his mission.

The young Fulani suicide bomber who also suspected that Ejike was trying to create awareness about his identity in the area for people to intervene as he was seriously pushing him away to depart from the school premises never knew that he was going to end his life tragedically. The young Fulani suicide bomber sensing that he was running out of time blew himself  and Ejike up also being the young man who was trying so hard to stop him with others around him from gaining access to unleash their terrorism tendency. From the bomb blast also affected half of the school and the shops nearby.

It was after the bomb blast that the police came and conducted their study, even the Vice President Prof. Yemi Osibanjo came to the scene of crime as to witness what took effect, initially the Nigeria Police Force confirmed the incident to be terrorist attack before the people that gathered; the Nigeria Police Force confirmed it to be a bomb blast even with press on ground but to our surprise and dismay the went and circulated falsehood in the name of news broadcast so as to cover up for the terrorism act and leverage it on gas explosion.  What a country that cover up for the real terrorist and go as people demanding for referendum as terrorist.

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