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When Mazi Nnamdi Kanu called for election boycott prior to the 2019 election he gave condition in which it will be called off. 
Mazi Kanu, said give us referendum date and have your election. This was a demand and a challenge thrown out to both parties. It's of a common knowledge that PDP under the  candidature of Atiku Abubakar/Peter Obi campaign manifestos was restructuring and  devolution of powers. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, having said that, this is not a time to say IPOB is supporting PDP but we are not foolish to know between black and white when necessity arises. IPOB has always believe on that adages that says "a known enemy is better than the enemy you don't know". Therefore when it is all about PDP and APC it  is always between chosing the two devil; after all Engr. Dave Umahi was a PDP candidate and later defected to the APC.

There were no time IPOB intentions was to stop or disrupt the 2019 general election rather all our intention was only to use every available means to push home our demands using civil disobedience which is our constitutional right to do in demanding for referendum for Biafra independence. 
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had meeting with Igbo governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo on November 18, 2017 in the Lions building in Enugu State government house, the agenda of the meeting was to discuss on how Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB family can reach truce in order  to  call off the boycott of Anambra election coming up on November 18 , 2017.

Read Daily Time News Paper of August 30, 2017  titled: South East Governors In Meeting with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu gave South East Governors a demand list to take to Abuja. But it was unfortunate that the South East Governors instead choose the military option and through their approval the Fulani controlled federal government of Nigeria rolled out her Army of occupation in Biafra land and launched Operation Python Dance II   that saw to the invasion and raided the palace of His Royal Majesty Eze Israel O. Kanu, the Ome Udo 1 of Afara Ukwu village, and also the father of IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in which over 28 people were massacred in cold blood including his pet dog named Jack.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has repeated this allegations of accusing the South East Governors of not taken his demands to Abuja  but instead invited the military to kill him, over his series of broadcast Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has repeated this accusation time without number and no South East Governors have come out to refute nor debunk this allegations. One of our respected elder who claim to have initiated the meeting and moderated the meeting has testified same in his article by name Evangelist Elliott Ugochukwu Uko. To cement this facts Prince Emmanuel Kanu the younger brother to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu recently revealed the demands made by his elder brother - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to South East governors in his meeting with them which they jettisoned and choose the military option of invasion and extermination of lives.

Read: Vanguard News Paper online publication of April 7, 2022 titled:  Kanu’s family accuses South-East Governors of not presenting 8-point demands to FG till today the south East Governors are yet to debunk this allegations, and till date the rest is history. After the ugly military invasion and the successful escape of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his sudden re-appearance in Israel prior to 2019 general election. 

After a successful boycott of Anambra State election which recorded 90% compliance the political truce/secret agreements had that all the candidates reached with Willie Obiano's administration for Obiano to be declared winner in which he was tagged 10% governor by IPOB families world wide. The election exposed further the high level of political conspiracy in that zoo called Nigeria by politicians in their desperation to maintain their status quo and the corrupt system they are running in the name of democracy as no candidate that ever picked courage to challenge Willie Obiano in court as the election didn't hold due to IPOB election boycott. They know if they do, they have given IPOB the credit, reason they declined and choose political compensations as solution.

Yes our messages was well passed. Which one of them is that IPOB is not a push over movement in the scheme of things because we own the land. But not withstanding IPOB learnt their lesson too.
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu after resurfacing in Israel continued his evangelism and insisted on boycott of 2019 general election in the same quest to push further our demands. Our demand was simple and in the public domain already with South East Governors since 2017 as a condition to call off the boycott of elections in Nigeria. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in the process lost his both parents thereafter but he was not perturbed though a supposedly Prince but he didn't have the opportunity to witness the burial of his parents because of the struggle he has embarked on which is the absolute liberation of his Biafran people's exit from Nigeria.  Is this not an indication that an allegation of receiving two million [$2M] Dollars is false and unfounded being spread by a certified saboteur?.

Yes Mazi Nnamdi Kanu agreed for a deal which was signed sealed and delivered and he called off the election boycott order on the Eve of the election. But he didn't call off agitation for Biafra, rather he redoubled his efforts with facts available for everyone to see. When he announced the signed sealed and delivered he made it clear that our demands has been met. But one unique thing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said/vowed to Igbo political and religious leaders when they demanded that he should jettison his Biafra agitation for restructuring demand is that he said and "I quote get us restructuring first before you ask us to stop Biafra agitation. 
We agreed on restructuring but we have not seen any one so why should we stop what we are doing?. Is it not obvious or do you need to be told that your Igbo political and religious leaders failed us so it is on that note that the agitation for Biafra continued.

This is one of the reasons he gave them eight [8] points demand to request from the federal government of Nigeria to not excluding our demand for referendum. As a test run; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu didn't demand for house, he didn't demand for cars, he didn't demand for money below is his demand list to federal government of Nigeria.

Note this demands was a condition to call off the election boycott order of Anambra Governorship election of November 2017.

1. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, asked the Federal Government of Nigeria to make Enugu International airport a grade one airport so that our people in different parts of the world can easily fly in without having to stop over first in Lagos or Abuja.

2. Secondly, he demanded that River Niger be dredged to reduce the heavy cost of importation which our people who dominate the sector painfully bear.

3.  He also demanded that Owerri airport which our people contributed money to build in the days of Sam Mbakwe be upgraded to a functional cargo airport. The federal government of Nigeria is using revenues generated from our oil to build airports and other infrastructures in other zones of Nigeria but our fathers levied themselves to build Owerri airport, yet the federal government of Nigeria has failed to upgrade and maintain the sweat of our fathers.

4. He also demanded that the Port Harcourt, and Calabar seaports be made to operate in full capacity so that big ships can be berthing in them.

5. He equally demanded the revival of all moribund industries in the South East and South-South to provide job opportunities for thousands of our youths graduating from higher institutions.

6. He demanded for functional rail lines in South-East and South-South regions; good primary health care system and steady electricity supply in our region.

Confirm the above list on: Vanguard News online publication of April 7, 2022 titled: 
Nnamdi Kanu’s family accuses South-East Governors of not presenting the eight [8] - points demands to the Federal Government of Nigeria. These are demands that was given  to South Eastern States governors since 2017 as a condition for calling off elections boycott order and they choose the military option to assassinate him instead and he escaped only to resurface in Israel ahead of 2019 general election and continue saying the same thing as desperate as they are when its come to election one will agree that these chalantans as leaders will sign whatever they are asked to sign if that will allow them play their diabolical politics in peace.  Therefore it is indisputable facts that these people signed, sealed, and delivered same document in order to allow election to go on. Remember it was a condition to allow election to go on and not to stop the Biafra agitation by Indigenous People of Biafra. Our simple demand to stop the Biafra agitation is simply give us a date for referendum and it has not changed. 

Take a look around you and feed us back if those simple demands were met or are under implementation or not?. Starting from second Niger Bridge to international airport to dredging of our seaports in Biafra land.
Therefore Comrade Emma Powerful is right to say that IPOB agitation is the reason for the building of second Niger Bridge.

Also read IPOB Press Statement released by Emma Powerful in this regard titled: IPOB rejects naming 2nd Niger Bridge after tyrant Mohammadu Buhari: Vanguard News paper online publication of March 31, 2022 for confirmation.
The truth is that those demands are being implemented in a snail spees and even though on a very slow process because the zoo called Nigeria have never been sincere and will never be sincere to Biafrans. 
But let's assume but not conceding to the fact that Ralph Uwazuruike's allegations are anything to go by. That the supposedly signed, sealed, and delivered was between Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and PDP for two million [$2M] Dollars deal. And Mazi Nnamdi Kanu came out to announced that our demands has been signed, sealed, and delivered from PDP. 

But unfortunately PDP couldn't take back power from the APC, how do you convince us that the signed, sealed, and delivered was a two million [$2M] Dollars deal without any evidence?. Ralph Uwazuruike's judgement would have been convincing if the PDP took over power from the APC and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu jettisoned Biafra agitation and used his $2millon dollars to invest in hotels like he Ralph Uwazuruike did and came back home to take over his father's kingship collecting title here and there. Biafra Reporters will believe that yes Ralph Uwazuruike is right yes this man took money from the PDP and delivered them. The truth is that Ralph Uwazuruike is a shameless saboteur. Ralph Uwazuruike's claim to have taken the title of Eze Igbo gburugburu is falsehood. And on this note of alleged claims that he will at all time fight for the interest of Ndi Igbo in Nigeria no matter who is involved. Okay let's say that's fine. But how on earth have Ralph Uwazuruike abandoned the quest for Igbo Presidency that all one Nigerianist Igbos are clamouring for and be backing a Fulani Kogi man - Yahaya Bello?.

Yes it is your fundamental human right to support APC because to you IPOB is supporting PDP but why are you betraying the Igbos again in your APC?.  Rochas Okorocha,  Chris Ngige, Emifeli, Orji Uzor Kalu, Dave Umahi and host of other heavy weight politicians of Igbo extraction and decide to be sell out, your Igbo race you claimed to be their suppose allegedly Eze Igbo gburugburu. Former governors and Presidential aspirants of Igbo extraction are under your APC but you chosen to give your support to Yahaya Bello a Fulani Kogi State man returning power back to North. The excuse made by you that you are not giving them your support does not hold water because even you already know that Yahaya Bello does not have what it takes to clich on APC Presidential candidate as both of them alongside your so called Igbo brothers are all ministerial and Vice President position hustlers. But Ralph Uwazuruike being a naturally born saboteur must betray his own for peanut at all time as that is innate in him. 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has cleared the air on matters between you and him in regards to Radio Biafra, he said you funded radio Biafra for six [6] months and stopped and he took over then so what do you expect from him?. You are yet to debunk this allegations. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu accused you of kidnapping him even on the day of his wedding to which you - Ralph Uwazuruike admitted to this on a live video presentation sometimes ago when you bragged about what you did to him as your boy. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu accused you of printing Biafra plate number and selling same to Biafrans while you are driving a car with Abuja plate number. You are yet to debunk this allegations. You bragged about sit at home as the initiator, the question is when you were doing your own sit at home what was the effects?. And why did you stopped it if you are still fighting for Biafra Independence, if you have not dropped the agitation for Biafra liberation?.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu also accused you - Ralph Uwazuruike of taking bribe money from the Fulani federal government of Nigeria to stop the agitation for Biafra and that you - Ralph Uwazuruike took the money to build hotels and hostels. The question is what was your network of operations before you ventured into the Biafra agitation and what is your network operations now and how did you make your money?. What's the source of your wealth, if you did not take bribe money from the Fulani FG of Nigeria?. Okay! Let's assume  but not conceding to the fact  that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu took two million [$2M] dollars from the PDP and that those politicians that honoured his parents burial are his sponsors. But he is using the money to pursue the Biafra freedom cause and not using it to grab lands in all parts of Abia state and Igbo land in general as you Ralph Uwazuruike is doing in Imo State, so would you call him, such a person a saboteur because of Igbo politicians involvement in sponsoring him or because he is genuine and they are seeing what he is doing confines within the armbit of law. 

Chief Ralf Uwazuruike has given us a resounding clause why he is a saboteur, Uwazuruike has just demonstrated to be a proud Biafra saboteur that woefully failed his people and the criminal Biafra Independence Movement -BIM he represent.

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