IPOB Press Release
April 22, 2022 
Published On The Biafra Post

We, the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU in very strong terms, condemn the on-going senseless attacks and killings going on in Imo State by the Nigeria military and Ebubeagu security outfit  formed and financed by the Imo State politicians and their collaborators. 

Media houses should stop reporting the lies to the public, Nigeria joint security forces especially the Army and police did not clash with unknown gunmen, ESN or civilians, Instead Nigeria soldiers Invaded Orlu and Obowo LGAs and its environs burnt 17 innocent citizens alive and properties destroyed, and they repeated it in Obowo LGA of Imo State. Our people are under sever attack and torture anywhere they are seen. We are dying every day and night the world looked the other way.  

IPOB worldwide cannot afford to allow them continue with this atrocities against our people. 

It is no longer news  that the Nigeria Army in collaboration with Ebubeagu militia, burning down people's properties and now they have metamorphosed into burning human beings alive in Obowo and other communities in Biafraland.  Two days ago Nigeria soldiers in collaboration with Ebubeagu security outfit burnt 17 lives in Orlu LGA and its environs with many houses and properties of innocent citizens were destroyed completely. 

Biafran people living in Orlu LGA and its environs are under siege. They are under total pressure to leave their ancestral lands because of Nigeria government and its security agencies. The soldiers are busy killing innocent citizens simply because they are suspected to be IPOB members without confirming that. Besides, IPOB members are not terrorists. IPOB is present in over 100 countries and their members are not treated as criminals in any of those countries except in the Fulani-controlled Nigeria.

We are calling on the international community, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch organisation, Intersocity group and other reputable human rights organisations across the globe to take note and prevail on Nigeria  Government and its security agencies to leave Biafra territory. 

The world should come and rescue Biafrans because they are facing  difficulties in the hands of Nigeria at this time. We need help from international community to rescue us by seperating us from Nigeria. 

Our people are dying every day in the hands of Nigeria Government and its security agencies. Obowo and Orlu residents are facing hard times because Nigeria  and its security agencies especially the military marped out these communities for total destruction. 

Nigeria Army is now going from house to house searching for and killing innocent citizens just because they are Biafrans.  Nigeria army should stop murdering our brothers and sisters. Terrorists have continued to kill innocent Nigerians mostly Christians and non Muslims in the North but no security agency has ever moved into those theaters of war to kill innocent citizens? Is it because we are Biafrans? There is genocide going on now in Biafra land by Nigeria security agencies. The world must come to our rescue now.


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