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A video was shared yesterday online that went viral where some unknown armed men were seen disrupted the exercise on voters cards collection center, this bad omen has generated a lot of propaganda and smear campaign against the Indigenous People of Biafra by our bought over political scavengers, and our detractors living their lives on crumbs and working hard to attach the ugly scenario to the hallowed name of Indigenous People of Biafra and her security Department - The Eastern Security Network.

A clear indication that those armed men were sponsored to act the movie to ignite and generate a new brand of blackmail method against the Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB], and Eastern Security Network [ESN], as it was seen, it is crystal clear that the Zoo called Nigeria and her brute political desperados, agents of darkness as the name Nigeria implies are running out of ideas and topics on how to blackmail this divine movement of ours [IPOB], for the liberation of our people. As funny and childish as it maybe, it was a very strategic stage manage acting so as to indict the Indigenous People of Biafra. Watching closely readers will understand that the video was planned to champion a particular cause and a bad idea, it was executed to generate divers opinions against IPOB and the struggle for our freedom.

IPOB movement for liberation is not a political party either do our struggle rely on the Zoo called Nigeria politics or neither do we have interest in any political party in the Zoological Republic of Nigeria. Infact the Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB], has lose faith, disillusional our interest  in anything called  politics in the zoo called Nigeria.  A real IPOB hardcore has no interest in Nigeria politics and her elections; in fact during the early days of IPOB struggle we were groomed by our leader to hate politicians and politics in the Zoo called Nigeria because of their corrupt and insincerity mindset to the plight of our people. Our leader - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has constantly called for election boycott in Nigeria citing corruption, rigging, negligence and electoral malpractices in the Zoo called Nigeria electoral system.

Our Supreme Leader - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, had on different times called for the total boycott of Nigeria elections and his aim was not necessarily to stop elections from holding but for all his faithfuls to sit in. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu knows that it is within our reach, right to boycott election if we so desire, and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu also know that it is against international law practices to forcefully disenfranchise willing voters of their franchise, suffrage to voting their choice candidate. Do not forget Biafra as a nation shall be a democratic nation that will infuse the right of voting and the right to be voted for in her confederation constitution.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, though has called for a  election boycott in the past as a form of protest to register our grievances in the fake unity of one Nigeria that genuinely never existed but he has never called for disruption of an election or election materials. IPOB is an organization built on international standard universally accepted principles. Reason we are freely operating in over one hundred [100] countries of the world. IPOB is strategically following rules and principles of international and universal standard and not ready to dent her image and work outside the tenets of law.  This is why the zoo called Nigeria is  jittery that they can't find IPOB wanton in character despite her falsehood against us, to be guilty of both her local and International law.  Now what do they do?.  They rely on one thing which is the media falsehood of peddling lies and cheap blackmailing. They sponsored hoodlums to carry out their evil sinister plans and follow it up with media blackmail against IPOB and her struggle for liberation, working to tag every activities of their rented and hired hoodlums on IPOB and ESN. 

The question is what are they trying to achieve by sponsoring hoodlums to disrupt voters cards collection?.

 Follow Biafra Reporters on this article to point out some of their evil expectations from their Media propaganda. 

1. 2023 election is around the corner and their only obstacle is not the Fulani herdsmen, Fulani bandits, Fulani Boko Haram and other armed groups criminals terrorizing the country but IPOB that will likely order for total boycott of the election because they know that what the Indigenous People of Biafra want and need is Biafra referendum and not Nigeria elections and they already know that we are done with Nigeria elections. 

2. To send a wrong signal to the world that IPOB through her Eastern Security Network [ESN], unlawfully disrupted a voters cards collection center exercise thereby blackmail IPOB to the international community to further dole out money to lobby for the blacklisting of IPOB as a terrorist group which has always been their dream in futility to achieve.

3. They expect that IPOB leadership on the D.O.S, and ESN will come out in the open to deny any of her involvement on such sponsored atrocities as usual. 

4. To launch a new media propaganda against IPOB leadership using their sponsored  [autopilot] Iduu group that is wrongfully championing a cause of their own angenda that IPOB leadership has compromised because Biafra Directorate of States will come out to condemn those acts of criminality exercise aimed at disrupting of voters cards collection center and thereby working on the emotion of the people who have already hated anything called politics in Nigeria. 

This is  a well calculated and very manipulative tendencies to pinch the people against the leadership as a second option once their international lobbyist fail to get a blacklist against IPOB which of course they shall fail as usual. 

Biafra Reporters have read some posts and comments where some sponsored recruited e-rats are already at work on social media trying to attach what happened in Ihitte Ubuoma of Imo State where these political thugs disrupted voters cards collection center to IPOB activities and the freedom fighters at the same time trying to demonize this noble struggle for the liberation of our people from the oppressive Nigeria state hence it is necessary that we call the attention of our people to ignore such propaganda irrespective of which camp it is emanating from. 

IPOB and Eastern Security Network guarding our bushes and forests cannot bring herself so low to invade voters card collection center to disrupt the exercise and on the process kill our people that we are fighting to protect and set free from neo-colonialism by the Fulani class. Those behind that acts did it in a deliberate move to deter us, the Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB], cannot be deterred nor coerce to drop our agitation for freedom. We are marching forward until Biafra is restored. 

NB: Even as we condemn the acts of disruption of voters cards and its likes. It is necessary that you should ignore some false narratives that it is the Zoo called Nigeria voters cards that shall be used for deciding Biafra referendum, if referendum is called today; that is pure fallacy.

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