Biafra: Ebubeagu And Nigerian Military Invasion of Orlu on Easter Sunday Expose

Report By Biafra Reporters | The Biafra Post | April 18, 2022

The Ebubeagu thugs and Nigerian Army invited into Imo State by the Fulani Supreme Court sole administrator of the Imo State - Mr. Hope Uzodimma, these Ebubeagu thugs and Nigerian soldiers are effectively carrying out an order, an act of genocide and massacring of indigenes of Orlu province in Biafra land. The both Ebubeagu thugs and the Nigerian Army; agents of perdition are not communicating with Igbo language but a strange language to be either Fulfude or Hausa language according to eye witness account to Biafra Reporters on ground that went for fact findings. 

For what appeared to be more than a genocide, there has been serious massacring of civilian populace in Orlu Imo state since yesterday being Easter Sunday of 2022 and today - Easter Monday 2022. 

Following the killings and massacres, an eye witness who is presently in the bush as the whole village is deserted has the following revelations to make to Biafra reporters that went to gather information as to what led to the invasion of Orlu by Ebubeagu thugs with the Nigerian soldiers.

His Account: I recently came back from Igbariam Campus after my semester exams. I was told by my people I visited at home that a lot has been going on while i was in school and lots of people have been killed, to me; I thought it was all jokes or media rants until these people came prepared yesterday to unleash massacre on my people.

They came in full force in my L.G.A after getting a go ahead order by the Governor Hope Uzodimma. The two incidents that triggered the excessive killings was that firstly, they (Ebubeagu) claimed to have been ambushed unexpectedly one faithful midnight at their camp in (Oru-East L.G.A) where hundreds of them were killed, and their dead bodies returned home and fresh troops were brought in replacement.

Secondly they wrongfully accused the Eastern Security Network of making use of coffins and GP tanks. They brought in their killer squads who has no conscience other than to kill, they kill the old men and women, young boys and girls and tender boys, (innocent souls).

They also chased and shot at me in the bush, but thanks to God the bullet didn't get at me, but though I felt some of its particles in my body. ORLU ZONE in a whole is really boiling down, he lamented!.

Continuing the exposition of what is happening he said "Both the military and the so called ebubeagu thugs are working together in the massacre of civilians in the name of fighting Eastern Security Network. 

These ebubeagu boys are not Igbo people at all. I don't understand their language at all, because before they kill someone, they will first say that they are sent by our Gov (Hope Uzodimma) to eradicate IPOB all (in pidgin English), and say stuffs in strange language they interact with. My close friends were killed in my presence. I peeped from where I dodged in the bush.

The worst of it all is that not less than three radio stations are in Orlu and not less than ten radio stations in Imo State as a whole but none of them is talking or even commenting on it. Hope Uzodimma is nothing but a monstrous genocidist, do you know that his home village of Omuma is a sister village to my own village of Akatta but he surrounded Omuma with thousands of Ebubeagu boys and constructed boundary gates at the various entrances, to secure his own village while going about killing others", he />

Lastly, he also made a shocking revelation 

"According to investigations and observations so far on ground, these people are brought from Ijaw land as militants through their leader Asari Dokubor, who came into agreement with Hope Uzodimma to supply him with boys that will do the job for him, they are reportedly being paid a salary of around five hundred thousand naira [500k] per month & fifty thousand [50k] per day after patrol. The ones that came to my father's house said they are from Rivers State and not Imo State, I over  heard them, their discussion very well, before I ran out from the window. he concluded.

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