IPOB Press Release
Published On The Biafra Post
April 26,2022 

We, the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU wish to raise the alarm over the deployement of terrorists in the South East region under the guise of security agents by the Federal Government of Nigeria.  The Fulani-controlled Government of Nigeria has  started once again to deploy more military and police personnel to South East to clear the way for the fulani jihadists and terrorists to invade  the region and take over the land. 

We are calling on every Indigenous tribe in Nigeria to be prepared because their plan is to start with South East and pursue their conquest to other regions. So  nobody should think that their own region is free from these  jihadists. 

This is their agenda of 200 years ago which they planned to actualise in 2022 but we must resist them. The Nigeria terrorists nation and its security agencies raised false alarm of missing 10 to 300 cows. This is only a smoke screen to invade our land They think we are fools, but they will fail as they used to fail. Since Fulani bandits and terrorists masquerading as herdsmen started invading ancestral Communities in Nigeria and killing innocent citizens without provocation, latest being the Benue incident where over 20 folks were slaughtered one day, how many of the perpetrators have been brought to book? Now they alleged that cows are missing and they are deploying troops in search of it.

The global world should take note of the plans of these jihadists in security uniforms in Nigeria. Furthermore, the world must look into the constant killing of innocent citizens in the south Eastern States without cause.

Nigeria security agencies have maped out this region for total destruction and extaminations.

We beg the world to come to our rescue because we are under serious attack. 

The fictitious allegation of killing 10 to 300 Fulani  cows is totally false information. The Nigera Joint Task Force, JTF could not rescue Biafrans kidnapped and chased by Fulani terrorists herdsmen who are behind the criminalities in Enugu, Abia and some parts of Imo States, but now they want to rescue cows. They could not rescue even soldiers and other security operatives kidnapped by Fulani bandits in the North but they are mobilising to rescue alleged missing cows. What a country with missing soldiers but deploying troops for missing cows!

Fulani bandits and terrorists have resorted to Kidnappings as a lucrative job and means of livelihoods. Almost every day they attack and kidnap Biafrans along Arondizuogu, Okigwe, Isiukwuato, Uturu and Lokpanta roads. Soldiers have never been deployed to go after them. Nigeria Government and its compromised security agents did not provide security for these innocent citizens but now troops are being deployed to search for cows. 


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