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It has come to our knowledge that one Mr. Ezeji Madu is about lying the more to defend his many lies after watching a program titled "Don't Forget This Message" anchored by Mazi Chukwuemeka Ezeji.

It has becomes obvious that the guy man has PhD in telling lies. No wonder there is an that this guy is another infiltrator in disguise working for politicians to undermine the collective will and struggle of our people by directly making himself available as a tool of blackmail and agent of falsehood against IPOB and her leadership. He does this with all sense of deliberate dishonesty hoping to drag the leadership of IPOB to the mud and at the same time claim to stand with the D.O.S, and he is smartly positioning himself to play victim of social media bully incase of any response or clarification arising from anybody who has knowledge of the truth to the public over his lies.  

There is a deliberate reason why he intentionally mentioned the names of some of IPOB comrades in IPOB media wings and gave them a tag as IPOB attack dogs and  claimed that they will be sent to attack him for saying the truth.  In other words he has prepared a ground to continuously telling his lies and expect no response from any individual[s] in other not to be seen as an agent of the government and he even intentionally referred to those that will speak up against him as attack dog of IPOB.  That is how desperately evil and manipulative some people can be when pursuing an agenda. 

I am saying this because he is succeeding in manipulating some gullible ones to think that some of us that responded to his nuisance on social media are attack dogs of IPOB. When one Mr. I G . Umeh a.k.a Gatekeeper IPOB joined his live program and was pleading to some people he tagged him to be IPOB media warrior and cautioned them  to stand down and stop attacking Mazi Ezeji Madu and his information minister Kanuta Kanu acknowledging the fact that the matter concerning Mrs. Kalu Sofia remains sensitive issue that might have been caused by mis-communication and should be handled off social media, without asking the moron of a man who brought the matter in the social media space in first place?. Can he make public his conversation with some IPOB media personnel including myself  that has this particular information about Kalu Sofia and the leadership position on solving the issues and also his conversation with some leadership he claimed to have had meeting with in regards to the same issues so that Biafrans can be the  judge by themselves on who is right and who is wrong. 

I guess he wouldn't do that because he has an agenda to tell lies, and that is the reason he will claim Mazi Nnamdi Kanu instructed him to come on social media to constitute nuisance. The same failed autopilot  strategy; If he was not working for Kanuta Kanu, why will Mazi Nnamdi Kanu boycott his media head in the person of Mazi Chukwudi Offorma  who is in control of all IPOB social media platforms including radio Biafra and Biafra TV and choose Mazi Ezeji Madu Facebook account with less than 2k Followers to convey a public message of concern?. Do you see why Biafra Reporters noted that Mazi Kanuta Kanu is not feeding him the right message coming from Onyendu because there is no way Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will order Mr Ezeji Madu to go on social media and start making public of matters that the leadership is already handling off social media and that act alone is double standard.

For more facts  to back up our claims; there is an audio WhatsApp message that Biafra Reporters are in possession of it that was made by one Mr. Kanuta Kanu who sent a life threatening message to Mrs. Kalu Sofia, threatening her life, Mr. Kanunta Kanu in that audio WhatsApp message ordered Mrs. Kalu Sofia, to surrender all the login details of IPOB and radio Biafra company house to him and resign her position immediately from all IPOB and radio Biafra company house. One might think that the threatening of life message was a direct order from Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu but lo and behold it was a direct order from Mr. Kingsley Kanu a.k.a Kanuta Kanu the younger brother to our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. 

The question begging for answer is who gave Kanuta Kanu the authority to boycott his own brother Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's command and all the members of DOS command and control structure including Mazi Chika Edoziem the head of DOS and ordered for the resignation of Kalu Sofia from her Position?. Biafra Reporters are also in possession of a direct order and instructions from Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi kanu that was conveyed to Mrs. Kalu Sofia through Barrister Aloy Ejimakor in regards to the issues in discourse. Endeavor to read the screenshot proof of messages from Barrister Aloy Ejimakor and compare it to the WhatsApp audio messages coming from Kanuta kanu and effectively be the judge. 

The truth is that in IPOB leadership structure there is nothing like the office of the younger brother of our leader as a post. Therefore Kanunta Kanu should desist and refrain from dishing out lies against the leadership and her structure in the name of direct messages from Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Mr. Ezeji Madu, in his deliberate act of telling lies have again said that Kanunta Kanu sent a voicemail message to Mrs. Kalu Sofia on January 2022 asking her - Mrs. Kalu Sofia to return back our leader's name into the company cic form. This is falsehood, and fabricated lies. Kanunta Kanu sent a voicemail message to Mrs. Kalu Sofia on the 8th day of February 2022 when Mrs. Kalu Sofia must have finished what she wanted to do with the cic registration. See the screenshot of the voicemail and the date. Now you be the judge again, is it not obvious that he is fabricating lies?. Mr. Ezeji Madu and Kanunta Kanu should tell us why they wanted to close Radio Biafra London at all cost since last year.

Recall that UK Company house was sending letter to them almost 12 calendar months and instead of them to act accordingly they choose to sit on the letters hoping that UK Company house will dissolve Radio Biafra Ltd. If you all remembered around November and December 2021, one Mr. Ekpa residence in Finland in many of his broadcast he boasted that soon they will close Radio Biafra Ltd.  Also See the screenshot of the letters from UK Company house. When DOS got the message of what is happening in IPOB UK family, Mrs. Sofia Kalu was instructed to resolve the issue with Radio Biafra Ltd. 

Today the infiltrators are mad with Mrs. Kalu Sofia for acting fast as directed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu while in detention. We should be grateful to Mrs. Kalu Sofia instead of threatening her and making up cheap blackmail against her person. Why is this man called Ezeji Madu behaving like his uncle Rochas Okorocha?. Well  to our understanding it is obvious that blood cannot lie why Mr. Ezeji Madu is behaving like his uncle the former governor of Imo State - in the person of  Rochas Okorocha a politician with double standard credited to his portfolio.

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