IPOB Press Release

January 3, 2022

Published On The Biafra Post

We the great family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)  under the command and leadership of our great prophet and indefatigable liberator, Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU wish to draw the attention of the world that based on the unfolding security issues in Imo State, it has become very obvious that Gov. Hope Uzodinma and his predecessor Rochas Okorocha, are the sponsors of the so-called  unknown gunmen perpetrating insecurity in Imo State for some time now.

We have always explained  that unknown gunmen were created by selfish and greedy politicians entangled in political war but many people did not believe us. Uzodinma and Okorocha first went into alliance in their desperation to oust Gov. Emeka Ihedioha, and they did a lot of abnormal things to achieve that selfish goal. Soon afterwards, they fell apart and resorted to other heinous schemes including but not limited to recruiting and arming hoodlums to outsmart each other. Their calculation was to blame the nefarious activities of their evil boys on IPOB and Eastern Security Network ESN operatives, an erroneous narrative many gullible minds had hitherto believed. Until the abduction of Okorocha's son in-law, Uche Nwosu in the church by Uzodinma's hitmen, many didn't believe politicians were the masterminds of the insecurity and activities of unkown gunmen in Imo State and other parts of Biafra land 

Imo youths,men and women of good conscience must prepare to hold Hope Uzodinma, Rochas Okorocha and Uche Nwosu accountable for bringing pain and sorrow to rule Imo State. We have endured for so long here and we must get ourselves ready now to  ask these criminals and their collaborators where they kept many missing Imo youths. They should prepare to account for all the innocent promising  youths killed by unknown gunmen and Police in Imo State. At the peak of this barbarity everybody was pointing accusing fingers at ESN and IPOB but we know we have no hands in these />

God Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama exposed them recently because IPOB prayed to God Almighty to expose those behind these numerous attacks and killings essentially the two traditional rulers killed by these hoodlums operating in the region. 

These vampires created those who killed Dr. Chike Akunyiri and tagged it on ESN while ESN operatives had no issue with the late Dr Chike Akunyiri. 

It is now obvious and open to all and sundry that the numerous  killings in the region were masterminded by Hope Uzodinma and Rochas Okorocha. How  did Imo  citizens offend them to warrant the blood letting? 

Hope Uzodinma created his own unknown gunmen to implicate ESN and IPOB volunteers and Rochas Okorocha and Uche Nwosu created their own to demonise Hope Uzodinma.  Unfortunately, innocent citizens and youths of the state have been at the receiving end. These vampires must not go free.

Rochas Okorocha said it all that unknown gunmen are Police men attached to Hope Uzodinma in government house in Imo State and some hoodlums and cultists he recruited to demonise and implicate IPOB as terror group against the people of Biafra thinking that his Fulani slavemasters will unroot ESN and IPOB but little did he know that IPOB is a divine movement designed by God Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama for a divine project. 

The Inspector General of Police should be professional and responsible enough to rise to the occasion. He should thoroughly investigate all these mind-bugling revelations from these strange bed fellows. It is now clearer that these bunch of crimials were the ones who murdered Alhaji Gulark Ahmed at Imo Airport Road 7 months ago. They quickly after that dastardly act blamed ESN for their atrocity even without any investigation. We denied any involvement but many didn't believe us. Today we are vindicated. Why would Gulak plan to sneak out of Owerri with his friend as a sitting Governor if he did not suspect something sinister? It was unfortunate that he was still consumed by his fears. His soul and other innocent victims like him will continue to hunt the masterminds.

Again, the IGP should investigate and interrogate the police officer called Shaba heading Uzodinma's hitmen at the Government House Owerri. Why should a police personnel attached to the governor lead men on a shooting spree or arrest in a church or place of worship? Many men and women who attended church on that day are now suffering with High Blood Pressure (HBP) because of sound of gun shots in the church by these vampires in security uniform.


How come somebody were to be arrested in a place of worship and the Imo State Police Command was not aware? How come it was the governor's security that went for sure odd job? Their motive has to be thoroughly investigated. How come such high profile arrest/abduction was carried out without the knowledge of the Force Headquarters? They claimed  a petition was written against Uche Nwosu but why was he released the same day he was arrested and taken to Abuja when their evil agenda went viral on the social media? What is going on in the country and South East Region particularly in Imo State?


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