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November 13, 2021 

We the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) unequivocally condemn the attitude of justice Binta Nyako over the way she is handling the case of our Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu before her court. We are most shocked at her obvious prejudice and bias during the last court proceedings which resulted in her whimsical adjournment of the case to January 19th and 20th 2022. 

Justice Binta Nyako is engaging in judicial rascality and impunity at the behest of the federal government of Nigeria aimed at keeping our Leader in perpetual detention without trial. This rascality only portrays that Binta Nyako is simply playing the script handed over to her by the Fulani caliphate of which she belongs to.

We wish to express our displeasure with Justice Binta Nyako's handling of this case. How can a judge put a defendant on trial without legal representation.  Justice Binta Nyako has always wanted to conduct a secret trial of this high profile case which concerns the personal liberty and human rights of the accused. Her constant long adjournments, her open bias and willingness to do the bidding of the DSS has seriously eroded the confidence of the accused on the neutrality of the Judge in handling this case.  Justice Binta Nnyako has given us sufficient reason and ground to doubt her ability to give justice and fair hearing to our Leader  considering her antecedents and the manner and way the judge has been going about this case. Locking out the legal Representatives  including one of our Leader's counsels from the US, Bruce Fein from the court room has only exposed Justice Binta Nyako' biased and prejudiced disposition to this case before her.

We are aware that Justice Nnyako is working with DSS to humiliate our leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU but the world should hold her accountable for her actions.

But one thing the judge must understand is that we are determined in our irrevocable resolve to restore Biafra. No amount of intimidation, persecution or prejudice by the oppressors or their agents can derail our match ti freedom and the ultimate restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra.


It is imposible for the Fulani to dictate to IPOB and the present generation of  Biafrans. They may have done so to our fathers and elders but cannot dictate to the present generation of Biafrans.

Our elders, traditional rulers, religious leaders and political elite who are begging IPOB to soft pedal must take serious note of the travesty and shenanigans playing out in Justice Binta Nyako's Court room. Our patience is not infinitely elastic. 


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