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November 19, 2021

The separatist leader, however, said that the Cameroonian government was behind the attack, adding that it wants the Nigerian government to see it as the enemy.

Leader of the Cameroonian separatist group, Ambazonian Governing Council, Dr Cho Ayaba has said his group was not involved in the attack that claimed lives of Nigerians in Manga village in the Takum local government area of Taraba State.

The separatist leader, however, said that the Cameroonian government was behind the attack, adding that it wants the Nigerian government to see it as the enemy.

Ayaba said this on his verified Twitter page on Thursday in reaction to the recent attack on the Taraba community on Tuesday.

No fewer than five persons, including a traditional ruler, were killed on Tuesday when suspected Ambazonian fighters from Cameroon stormed Manga village.

Confirming the invasion, the Chairman of the LGA, Shiban Tikari, said some others were still missing after the deadly assault.

He said, “Yes, Manga village in Shigom ward of Takum Local Government Area was attacked. A local chief was killed alongside four others. When the invasion started, many people fled.

“Some fell into the river, while others climbed the mountains to save themselves from being killed.

“As I speak with you now, we can confirm only five death because those bodies have been recovered. But people are adding those still missing to the number of casualties, that is why you will hear some say 9 or 11 were killed.

“The soldiers, police and other security operatives have also been deployed to the village. We are hoping that those that fled would return because we are still on the look out.”
Similarly, a senator representing Taraba South, Emmanuel Bwacha, raised the alarm that Nigeria’s territorial sovereignty was under threat following the alleged invasion of Manga community in the Takum Local Government Area of Taraba by Ambazonia separatists from Southern Cameroon.
He had said, “I rise to draw the attention of our countrymen and particularly our security agencies to this unfortunate incident which undermines our integrity and sovereignty as a nation.

“Takum Local Government Area houses the 23 Battalion of the Nigerian Army, and so it is my humble submission that the Nigerian Army should rise to the challenge and curb this wanton territorial expansion.

“Their (separatists) motive is yet unknown, whether they want to expand territory or lay claim for Southwest Cameroon is not yet clear.

“As I speak, a number of individuals have gone missing and their whereabouts are yet unknown. The village also is razed down.”

Reacting to the attack, Ayaba, an Ambazonia activist and the former Secretary-General of the Southern Cameroons Youth League said his militia forces did not invade Taraba and have no plan to do so.

“Media reports of our forces having carried out an attack in Taraba state is a ploy by #Cameroon to invite #Nigeria into the Ambazonia Liberation war. Our forces have not crossed into Taraba State & have no reasons to do so. A desperate Cameroon is responsible for this incursion,” Ayaba tweeted.

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