Washington Times: Professor Ejiofor of WIC blow hot, exposes the media outlet and their shady dealings


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Oct 6, 2021 

My people, I bring you greetings. You all know that Ejiofor, personally and stoically, maintains equanimity even in the face of unwarranted flaks by the ever learned, philosophical and wise members of our endangered race. This time, I step outside the usual because of the frenzy generated by the article in Washington Times by one Professor Ivan Sasche Sheenan who is the Executive Director of the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Baltimore.

This writeup will address the said article in three segments:

About Washington Times

What is Professor Ivan Sasche Sheenan’s motives?

Igbo, think


I will start this segment by separating Washington Times (52,059 daily circulation as of 2019) from the famous and well-regarded Washington Post (Circulations: 356,768 Daily, 2015); 838,014 Sunday, 2013; 1,000,000 Digital, 2018). I do not need to spend time discussion this Washington Times of a newspaper. Kindly just click on the three links below and help yourself to the garbage from which that article came. The first link takes you to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) assessment site. The second and the third will take you to analysis and review sites. Take time to read those reviews and I will let you form your opinion about this junky of a newspaper. I have also added two excerpts from the reviews in case you do not have time to go through all of them on the websites.




“…I consider The Washington Times a collective group that posts opinions rather than news. We would be slightly screwed as a nation if this is what we consider news these days by Francisco D. of California.”

“…I get it times are tough and I think we all aware that news needs revenue but c’mon. This “periodical” will be burning on the trash heap before long. RIP” by Fishing A. of NY

This ends this segment.


It is not easy to tell what the motives of Professor Sheenan are. Nevertheless. All we can say is that he is simply an echo chamber for the Nigerian propaganda machine started by Lai Mohammed in 2017. See this link: Nigeria terrorism must be labeled for what it is – Washington Times in the same newspaper. A pointer to the possibility of pecuniary interests is the fact that the Nigerian government has recently unleashed a barrage of dangerous propaganda promoted by paid agents. Everyone on this forum saw pro-Buhari demonstrations at the just concluded 76th General Assembly of the United Nations. Please see this link: http://saharareporters.com/2021/09/27/busted-sponsor-pro-buhari-protest-new-york-identified-businessman-and-all-progressives. The sponsor is a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Nasiru Haladu Danu. It is easy to see that the same machine that funded that protest with our hard-earned oil dollar could have funded the ignoble opinion by Prof. Sheenan in this poorly rated Newspaper. Please remember that this write up by Sheenan is just an opinion and not a news item. The article has no bearing to any reality. What a shame that Ndi Igbo who claim to love Igbo are gloating over this article and are bombarding my accounts with the filth. By the way, it is not clear what locus standi Sheenan has to do this kind of hatchet job since he is still in active service at the UB. We are looking into this. Our people must rise against this Sheenan of a man.


When the wild wild west situation erupted in Nigeria prior to the 1966 coup, Hubert Ogunde released a popular record in Yoruba language and entitled it “Yoruba ronu” which means, Yoruba think. Let me borrow that to say “Igbo think”. In recent times, the Fulani-run Federal Government of Nigeria has identified IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu as the canon fodder. These must be eliminated in order for the final push by the Fulani to materialize. Unfortunately, they found willing tools among our people who, like the Ostrich, hide their heads in the sand while the Fulani decimate our people and they quickly turn around to blame IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu. They found the scapegoat in IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu and our people are gleefully hailing them gloating the rascality of the government over the Nnamdi Kanu abduction saga. Whether our people like it or not, nma onye ji ka oji ana aka. The Fulani have done nothing but compensate Boko Haram and the deadly Fulani Herdsmen while they spit on Igbo faces with the abduction of Nnamdi Kanu. Our leaders are afraid to declare these terrorists as such. They meet all the three criteria for such declaration and for including them in the Global Terrorist Index. IPOB, they declared as terrorists which has not made it to international classification. Paradoxically, our people became their megaphone and preach the terrorist doctrine more than the Fulani. For historical correctness, please read these few items in the chronology of Igbo killings in Nigeria:

1945 – 1950 Riots occurred in the north that claimed over 150 Igbo people. When oil was discovered in the Igbo dominated eastern region, the Emirs of Kano, Zaria and Katsina demanded 50% of the seats in the newly formed Central Legislature. The Emirs threatened to secede from Nigeria if their demands were not met. The acceptance of these demands signaled the beginning of northern domination of Nigerian national politics. IPOB WAS NOT THERE THEN. Remember that the emirs are Fulani.

1953 Anti-Ibo riots broke out in the north in protest of perceived Igbo domination of social, political, business and military institutions. Igbo people were hunted down and attacked in Kano and Jos, 245 were injured and more than 52 were killed. IPOB WAS NOT THERE THEN.

In 1995, Gideon Alaluka’s wife was accused of using pages of the Quran as toilet tissue. He was beheaded. Impaling his severed head on a stick they matched triumphantly in festive celebration around Kano City. IPOB WAS NOT THERE THEN.

On June 7, 2003, Ifeanyi Ozor, Chinedu Meniru, Augustina Arebu, Anthony Nwokike, Paulinus Ogbonna and Ekene Isaac Mgbe, now remembered as the “Apo Six”, were murdered in cold blood. IPOB WAS NOT THERE THEN.

We have in the past published a chronology of the cycles of Igbo killings including the 1966 pogrom and the genocidal war of 1967/70. The snippet above are just reminders. THE IPOB WAS NOT THERE THEN.

The lesson here is that the Fulani will always find a reason, justified or not, to kill the Igbo. Their hatred of the Igbo runs deep. Ndi Igbo need to see the big picture. Until we do, we will continue to fight ourselves to the relish of the Fulani. Ndi Igbo, think.

Some of our brothers and sisters have claimed to be the true lovers of the Igbo brand. Yet, they will hold rallies in New York and exclude the Igbo. If Igbo interests were at the center of the rallies, they would include all Igbo. The same Fulani apologists will hold television interviews and refrain from mentioning “Igbo”. Are these not characteristics of double agents? Ndi Igbo must be careful about all the loquacious and vociferous occupants of the social media who profess Igbo and yet appear to negate the need to protect our existential rights. Some warped minds see the flawed 1999 constitution as the desired end game. To such brothers, I say, open your eyes and see the big picture and quit hoodwinking your followers.

We also need to cast our minds back to the amalgamation of 1914 … a historical fact. There were 6 Nigerians and 22 British people who signed the edict. The six Nigerians were:

HRH Maiturare Sarkin Mussulumi and Sultan of Sokoto

Usuman Dan Maje who later became Emir of Kano

Sir Kitoyi Ajasa a lawyer

HRH Oladugbolu Alaafin of Oyo

HRH R Henshaw (Obong of Calabar)

Abubakar Shehu of Borno

The location of the signing of the amalgamation document was Zungeru, Niger State. That was the Capital of the British Protectorate of Northern Nigeria from 1902 until 1916. The Edict expired in 2014.

Notice that not one onye Igbo signed it. Is it still a mystery that the Igbo is not treated as belonging? Does anyone think that the same people will at some point have a rethink and everything will be okay for the Igbo? I don’t think so. The sooner we began to think of our survival as a people and in synergy, the better for us.

It is, therefore a shame that some of us hang on to parochialism in their judgment and propagate the propaganda of the people who want us annihilated.

Daalunu and congratulations to those you are selling their people for pittance by gloating over this obnoxious article.

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