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October 25, 2021 

The Governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano has approved Saturday classes for students owing to the effect of the sit-at-home order of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on students of the states.

Mr. C. Don Adinuba, the Anambra State Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment said this on Sunday.

"According to him, the arrangement to replace Saturday with was made because movement is usually disrupted on Mondays while Saturdays are relatively okay, the government is passionate about the learning of the children and does not want them to lag behind"

Consequent upon the governor’s directive, principals and parents have been notified of the new development in the state.

According to a letter from the ministry of education, “All headmasters are to notify teachers, pupils as well as parents about the new development. Quality Assurance supervision and every other supervision henceforth will hold on Saturdays. Every permission for absence from classes on Saturdays must be addressed to the Executive Chairman ASUBBEB through the E S following due process. Saturday classes will commence on 30/10/21 ie next week.”

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