By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

October 12, 2021 

I have make out time to study the history of all hitherto, human society and history of class struggle, more especially capitalist states like Biafra. The dialectical nature of history is always expressed in class struggle and the fall of the bourgeoisie and the victory of the proletariats are equally inevitable most cases. Bourgeoisie here are referred to owners of the means of production while proletariats or masses are workers or serfs working for the bourgeoisie who in return received nothing or stipend as wages.

When the social class vacuum becomes more intense to the extent that the masses rise up against the ruling class, it will be impossible for them to proceed to their so called radical transformation or a bloody revolution. This is the direction Biafra is heading to in no distant time and those political bourgeoisie that seem to be untouchable will be overrun. Though people without knowledge of history will always think or assume that it is impossible to kick out dubious political leaders mainly those criminals from Igbo extraction. Spontaneously, if anyone tells Igbo politicians that a day like this will come when someone from nowhere will command respect more than Nigerian president with inclusion of all political elites, nobody will believe it. The doom day is coming, a day the chafe of the masses will comes against the political class through a bloody revolution. 

It's important to sound the drum before its climax. Time is fast approaching when Igbo's (otuletuals) will be on the run. When it eventually starts, it will be too late for politicians to be recalled back. It must come to pass, when the land is purified, not even international communities' press release will effect any change until the masses vis-a-vis protectorates recovered their long snatched belongings.

 Let me further say this; it doesn't matter ones' perception, the masses must put an end to the so called current leaders' rascality and maladministration as their patients are gradually exceeding elasticity with hot pan of hardship capped on them. Likewise, when they pursue something perceived so dearly or ideology. 

Nigerian government has not absorbed the fact that Biafra is an ideology that cannot be defeated with guns and bullets. Whether rogue Buhari's regime believes it or not, it's a fact. His military terrorist squads can only kill, maim, annihilate but it won't stop Biafra from being emancipated from Nigerian captivity. It doesn't matter if all criminal Biafran political leaders sided the oppressive Fulani controlled government, Biafra will come. Those working against her emancipation will be hunted down. See how it going to happen; every existing exit door shall be shutdown, those otuletuals will not have a hidden place to shield anymore. There shall be an adequate sanitization in Biafra land after a likely French revolution replicated itself here.

Anyone that conspires against Biafra struggle shall not be spared irrespective of how highly respected the person might be. Not even clergymen that aided politicians to oppressed their own people. 

Perhaps, we will keep hammering on it through sensitization until traitors change for good. Biafran otulectuals are yet to ascertain what is to befall them in a shortest time frame. Moreover, things taken for granted will backfire sooner than later. The action and inaction by self-acclaimed Biafran politicians will trigger uprising if not set the periphery ablaze. Southeast Governors’ Forum jamboree meeting held in Enugu, with anti-people communique where the main issue on how to release Biafra nationalist leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu unconditionally, who was kidnapped in faraway East Africa, Kenya and rendition back to Nigeria against his wish which also violated international law was swept under the carpet while they jumped into unimportant useless Anambra state election. This singular act by Southeast governors is enough to trigger uprising in the region. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the only leader Biafrans know, he is not just an individual as some people think but an institution. He commands millions of Biafrans both home and abroad. What Buhari's led government knows nothing about is; holding Biafra nationalist leader will only spelled more doom for Nigerian existence.

Indigenous People of Biafra as a generally accepted emancipation movement by Biafran people cannot be differentiated from either the masses or proletariats. When the masses are oppressed, the heart of IPOB leadership is touched. And any action taken by IPOB against the oppressive government becomes legitimate to the masses.

Igbo politicians collaborated with their Fulani friends and designated IPOB as a terrorist group, including its activities was also banned. The terrorist proscription is anti-people hence, entire race cannot be proscribed randomly in a logical sense. It was a mistake Nigerian government made in a first place yet, they still went further and contravened international law by commited extraordinary rendition against Biafra nationalist leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. This heinous crime committed by Nigerian government prompted the banning of election and prohibition of Nigerian flag by IPOB leadership in Biafran land. It is now prohibited to conduct election in any Biafran soil. Anyone who contravenes this writ, faces the wroth of the masses. This is how a revolution starts, the masses rather take orders from IPOB than the Nigerian government.

The same otuletuals are heading in a wrong direction by arming their thugs and Fulani terrorist soldiers disguising as unknown gunmen to cause mayhem. These Fulani foot fighters was a well-orchestrated plan to scuttle the impending revolution that shall heat hard on politicians severely. Be that it may, government must desist from pushing the masses to wall before IPOB orders the masses to pick up arms against the unknown gunmen and Igbo political kleptomaniac leaders who are making the masses’ life miserable is when everyone will know that the power of the proletariats cannot be taken for granted.

Edited by: Obed Ifemnnacho

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