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October 12, 2021 

This is a critical time, every Biafran more especially those residing in Southeast region of Nigeria must be security conscious. Which includes, movements and utterances in public places. Time has once again come when extrajudicial killings and sudden disappearance of innocent youths in the afore mentioned region will skyrocket. As acclaimed repentant Boko Haram fighters incorporated into Nigeria military and its sisters security forces are redeployed to kill at will without provocation which is now taking effect and of which a village called Izombe in  Imo state, was attacked with no one spared including the king. 

Gen. Mohammadu Buhari's junta regime through the Igbo governors and selfish political desperadoes had resolved to turn Igbo land into a war zone. The Fulani administrative puppet at Ikonso Government House, Imo state, has wholeheartedly accepted this and the first to flag off; Operation Golden Dawn. 

Hope Uzodimma, said to have being happy that finally, president Buhari has adhered to his plea to deploy military to wage war against the people disturbing the peace of Imolites. (Notable question should be; is Imo condition not better than Borno, kano, even Kastina and other ravaged Northern states?) Contrary from Uzodimma's insinuation, nobody brought war to peaceful state of Imo, other than Hope Uzodimma himself. 

The Fulani imposed administrator deliberately created insecurity in Imo state, to eliminate or silence his political opponents. With a view to remain in power he merited not. This is how his political criminality creates coax and social upheaval in the state. Perhaps, presidency took advantage of it, and escalate insecurity to other states in South-eastern region, Anambra precisely, with primary motive of rigging the forth coming election and plant their criminal minded element. Hope Uzodimmma has federal backup, presidency will always defend him at all cost for conspiring against his own people. This is the major reason, the Fulani administrator was installed through Supreme Court miscarriage of justice by Tanko Mohammed's malicious judicial technicality.

Note: Nigeria military don't operate with rules of engagement, they go about killing unarmed innocent citizens and burning houses. A woman was just shot dead at Relief Market Onitsha in Anambra state by the Nigerian soldiers for no reason. There are several disturbing reports detailing the killing of innocent citizens and violation of human rights since the military exercise "Operation Golden Dawn", commences. The military match is not different from 2017, Operation Python Dance II, that left hundreds of thousands of extrajudicial murdered of Igbo youths and invasion of country home of Biafra nationalist leader Mazi Nnamdi kanu. Already Nigeria military is currently on rampage, replicating the same atrocities they committed before; kill, kidnap, molest and burn people's houses with flimsy excuses that hold no tangible reasoning.

Many Nigerians may have forgotten that 2017 Operation Python Dance II, was unveiled after Igbo governors, Ohaneze Ndigbo led by Nnia Nwodo and some religious leaders met in Enugu. The meeting was where they sealed the plans to invite military to annihilate the Igbo race.

 In line with his statement, he Gen. Buhari is not hiding his hatred against the Igbos and desperate politicians from Igbo extraction are aiding Fulani controlled presidency to unleash mayhem against their own people in order to be politically relevant. They always use similar strategy, the recent meeting held in Enugu state, by Southeast governors with their partners in crime; Ohaneze Ndigbo and religious leaders respectively, gave birth to unfortunate Operation Golden Dawn military action in Southeast. The hidden fact to the masses.

Insecurity in Southeast is politically undertone, nobody is safe anymore. Any truthful conscience is declared wanted by the government and that marked the end of victualing daylight. Not even lawyers defending human rights are spared. Buhari's led government wants and is instilling fears in the minds of lawyers defending vulnerable citizens. Their fundamental human rights are infringed by the regime atrocities. Bar. Ogbonnaya Aja, was gruesomely murdered alongside with his colleague and his car burnt by members of Ebube Agu security, at Onicha Igboeze Local government, Ebonyi State.The same way Dr. Chike Akunyili was killed. 

Government wants to create a dangerous impression by linking unknown gunmen to IPOB, in order to incite Biafrans against the emancipation freedom movement. Little did they know that the people of Biafra are wiser above their kindergarten tricks? Their media houses aid their atrocities with inclusion of the secret service, coursing havoc (burning houses and killing of un-armed innocent citizens) while they hang it on the necks of ESN and IPOB. Thanks to a gallant police man who challenged their movement at Imo state and killed one of them in disguise of unknown gun men but the media sealed it till date and change the topic to, a police man mistakenly shoot a DSS officer. 

The state governor of Ebonyi, Davi Umahi wants to emerge APC presidential flag bearer of his party, this is why he is fighting all possible means to please Fulani oligarchy. It has become a norm for governors in Southeast to set up their own security spy that either witch-hunt political opponents, legal practitioners or members of indigenous People of Biafra.

The more purpose by which (Operation Golden Dawn) military action was unveiled in Southeast region of Nigeria, was mainly to target family members of Indigenous People of Biafra and to rig Anambra state forth coming election. Because IPOB stood firm on no election in Biafra land starting from Anambra state, and desperate politicians want the election to be conducted, so that they can continue looting and benefiting from the misery of their own people. These are their prime targets and it poses threat to every Biafran, it doesn't matter either one wears Biafra regalia or not. The manhandled of the Nollywood superstar, Chinwetule Agu, by Nigerian soldiers was a tip of iceberg to compare with what ordinary Biafrans are passing through in the hands of Nigeria security apparatus on daily basis, come to talk of now Nigeria military has been given free access to shoot at sigh. The question is; who are their prime targets? The southeast poor masses fighting for make ends meet while Fulani bandits are in the north, kidnapping, looting and damaging Government properties, no one deployed armies for them, then why deploy armies to southeast?

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