Written By Nwawube Ezeobi | Biafra Reporter

October 18, 2021

The proverbial Igbo apple (udala) had ask those who always come to her tree to pick and pluck her child if she is the only woman that gave birth to a child that deserves her mouth to be pierced. I was wondering in shock if it is not yet time for our Southern leaders to ask the federal government of Nigeria the crime of their constituents that all the Nigerian Military deadly operations are launched in our land and space. 

It was not enough molestation and humiliation for the government that they took away our rights to proper leadership by imposing lilly livered nincompoops in our government houses.

It was not enough for them that we are meted with all forms of inhuman disasters that has affected our socio-economic lives without renege. Was it not enough for the caliphates that we don't have good hospitals, that our roads are worst than erosion sites, that we cannot afford to pay the school fees of our children due to the increase in livelihood because only the living and well fed affords education in Nigeria.

All these desecrations we had endured till now they come back just as always to put an end to our existence. Operation Python Dance left Sambisa forest with thousands of Pythons who were ready to dance, left Zamfara, left home, left all the Northern states where towns have been ceded to criminal elements in the name of bandits and terrorists only to dance on innocent and peace loving Biafrans. Our leaders invited the caliphate rabid mad dogs to spell peace of the grave yard on our people which started in the palace of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu where over twenty eight (28) young armless Biafrans were massacred, hundreds taken away while few were to be seen days after in the bush decomposing with their hands tied behind their backs.

The king of Afaraukwu who happens to be the father of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the wife did not recover from that shock of invasion of their home and that was how we lost them.

Going further, hundreds of Biafrans both young and old are languishing in various secret and open cells only for being Biafrans and calling for justice while Kabiru Sokoto who masterminded the bombing of a Church where hundreds died in 2011 and thousands of his Fulani comrades who are currently causing the country to bleed are treated presidentially.  It was Operation Python Dance and it sucked the blood of hundreds of Biafran families which most of the families are still in the shock of its abominations. Today it is code name Operation Golden Dawn and it started by striking on our revered institution where a Biafran respected titled elderly man Mazi Chinwetalu Agu was dragged alongside his red cap along the express road by Fulani soldiers. 

He was reprimanded in the Army and DSS facilities just for wearing a cloth that has the combinations of the Biafran flag colours. The question any sane mimd will ask is, can such a thing happen to an Imam or any Fulani respected elder without Nigeria burning to ashes?. Is this not a clear case of slave and master's relationship?.  While we were watching in agony helplessness, awe the humiliation meted against Chinwetalu Agu, the brute military just invaded Izombe burning and killing anything that moves. Listening to the army commander instructing his soldiers to kill anything they see reminds us of the war criminal Adekunle the "Black Scorpion" who gave similar order to his boys against Biafran civilians during the genocidal war of 1967 to 1970.

Izombe in imo state just like many towns in Biafra land now is deserted as Fulani military is burning down houses and killing civilians unnecessarily. When shall we rise up to this jihadist movement sweeping across our land and save our land from it or shall we continue to complain to a world that has turned deaf ears to our pleadings and complaints?.

Since we are mapped out for extermination for the singular reason of being Biafrans, it is most expedient that we rise up and fight back now that we have our heads on our shoulders because if we continue to run, someday we will have no where else to run to and these jihadists in Military uniforms will occupy our land forever.

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