Written By Simeon Green | Biafra Reporter

October 24, 2021

I was a toddler in the days of Sam Mbakwe, Jim Nwobodo, C.C Ono and many others that I might have forgotten their names. I heard my parents sang their praises without a pause to complain. I also witnessed the Igbo leaders like Chief Ezeife Ogbonnaya Onu, Okwesilieze Nwodo, Sam Egwu, Pius Anyim, Ken Nnamami and others. I saw nothing like this type of desperate ambition for power by these present so called Igbo leaders we have today, who have turned Biafra land to a Fulani slaughter house where the Northern tyrant feed on the soul of any Biafran he wants.

The pride of the Igbo as a race raised by our former nobel leaders has been drawn to the mud that even unclean and lesser tribes are now in control of our live, our resources, day to day activities and our religious lives. For the quest of power, these shameless current Igbo political leaders and Nnia Nwodo invited the Nigerian Military Pythons to dance on the souls of innocent Biafrans who happens to be their sons and daughters. Now the souls of those they have killed since seven years ago are on rampage, the families of those killed by the Nigerian Military are here for vengeance and reprisal.

Things have really fallen apart and the center has lost its grip on the gullibility of the people,  shameless Igbo politicians because of their unarticulated political permutations and maneuvering has now turned Lagos State, a foreign and distant land to a new campaign ground for Anambra gubernatorial campaigns. This is the highest comic movie of the year so far acted by these uncouth vultures. They say that when a senseless man destroys his own home, he finds pleasure drinking in the beer parlour or palm wine joint. They under-developed our states at the instructions of their slave masters and now shame can't allow them to face their people again with their dirty campaign lies.

These infidels called Igbo elites have sold their shame that they proudly come on air to declare their states none Biafran states in other to show their submission to those they sold their souls to control. If they are really elites they should have known that the power to decide whether a state belongs to Biafra or not is totally dependent on the people via balloting process. Why are they now running away to other states to campaign for Anambra gubernatorial />

What really happened to the state that they want to govern that they can't campaign there?. They claim insecurities and then, who brought the vampires in our land to suck on our blood?. The youths are angry over the incessant killings, that little child that lost his father at Eke Nkpor in 2016 has grown into a full flesh monster. The streets are now filled with vexed wolves in search of the vampires that invaded our land and these evil politicians are now running away from the monsters they created out of their own stupidity. I won't lay down my pen till they embrace whole heartedly the monsters they made. As long as our tears don't stop gushing down our eyes, no election is to be allowed in Biafra land.

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