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September 13, 2021

I stand to be corrected, election in Southern Nigeria is meaningless, what I meant by Southern region comprised of; South East, South South and South West geopolitical zones. Election might be useful to other geopolitical zones, partially I might accept that; more especially those of them in Northern part of Nigeria, where Fulani oligarchy sponsors countless Fulani terrorist groups bountifully while others are in the government killing those considered as critics to Muhammadu Buhari’s ghastly rogue regime. Southern region is not terror oriented territory like their Fulani counterpart from Sub-Saharan desert in the North. Prior to regional system when power equilibrium was pre-eminence, Eastern region consisted of present day South East and South South. It does not matter those of them that prefer to bear the unexciting slave name South South or Niger Delta given to them by their Fulani slave masters in Aso Rock and Sokoto Caliphate. 

Boundary adjustments was a trick for divide and rule tactics, leaders of this said region - South East and South South were selfish enough to have accepted the bastardization of their political space in this region. This is the major reason while both South East and South South geopolitical zones, which is made up Biafra territory are excluded from the scheme of things happening in the Nigeria political arrangements by the Fulani government of Nigeria. For this sole reason the Nigerian government can never acknowledge the hemisphere. Yet, the so called leaders in the disadvantaged region are daft to see that the boundary demarcation brings deprivation to them. They are rulers not leaders, they lacked leadership charisma. They have neither foresight nor adequate representation. They always boast to have seen it all, but they know nothing, they are not intelligentsia as the masses thought they are rather, they are all otelectuals, fetish to be acknowledged as leaders.  

Ordinary to stand fearlessly and tell Nigerians that the Fulani packaged masquerade parading as Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, was not the same person they voted-in, in 2015, they could not; due to intimidations and timidity of life. Be it South East or South South, the duo geopolitical zones is one from the same lineage and ancestral blood, they are the Indigenous People of Biafra. But when it comes to terrorist designation the entire region becomes a terrorist proscribed region. They used the word “organization or group”, to make it looks as if there are group of people or persons specified with the slur name. So far as Fulani controlled Nigerian government is concern every person from Eastern region is Igbo and iyamiri. 

Regretfully, Igbo speaking politicians stupidly facilitated the sham terrorist proscription against their own race when Fulani hegemony shield their own.  Now election is around the corner all of them have withdrew from acknowledging the Easterners as terrorists only to have your votes count, by the way; election or change of government has no single positive impact in the entire Biafra land. After voting what Eastern region gets in return from the government is negligent, deprivation and emasculation. An average person from Eastern region of Nigeria are erudite with natural enlightenment, it is a natural endowment but their self-acclaimed leaders are nuisances and puppets to Fulani oligarchy. Marginalization of the region is caused by the affirmation of South East and South South leaders, without Biafrans political lack of intellectual acuity, Eastern region won’t have been neglected like what we are seeing now. It's quite unfortunate, that our youths are not holding their wayward leaders accountable, everyone is being taking for a ride. 

The masses of Southern region of Nigeria are only useful during election period, after which those that voted them in, become inconsequential. I repeat Eastern region is yet to produce political leaders. A leader always stands for the people he or she leads. What South South and South East politicians are after, is the electorates votes; even when election does not count but at least, it gives them ground for manipulation or rigging. Without voting rigging becomes impossible. When they ask for your votes their main aim is rigging, once there is no election there won’t be any form of rigging. They rather give electorate five thousand [#5000], each to buy their votes and wait for manipulation than not allowing election to hold. This is the secret. Election boycott is good, mainly it works in civilized nations of the world but in Nigeria it becomes a different ball game. Election should not be allowed to be held in a first place, this is when the politicians will be affected most, they know that. Something extraordinary must be done to stop the election, something that has been done before. Once the polity is inconvenient to conduct election and electoral body will not have any other option than to postpone the election indefinitely and that is when the game is over for them.  

The same political cowards in Eastern region that cannot withstand their Fulani political rivals at the plenary session are deceiving masses acquire their Permanent Voters Card - PVC, to enable them continue looting. In Anambra state, those political criminals are going inside markets buying corn and food items as a campaign strategy to deceive those that want to be deceived. The campaign trick is not new, lets me say it again; after election all these politicians everyone sees walking around to buy corn will disappear from the surface.  Perhaps, these politicians don’t deserve another benefit of doubt, in order not to give the political desperados the avenue not to rig the election in a first place is by stopping the election on time. Independent National Electoral Commission - INEC, has mapped out two thousand [2000], youth corps members to serve as ad-hoc staff during the election exercise. Maybe, the serving youth corps members might be used as sacrificial lambs for election result to be announced, who knows?. 

Politicians are heartless they won’t mind sacrificing the corps members to have their ways to power. Corps members must think otherwise, unless those that want to die as martyrs for nothing should write their will before embarking on the electoral suicidal mission.                     

Biafra nationalist leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, cannot be behind the bar and election is been held, it is impossible. Anybody calling for election in Anambra state, deserves to be stone to death, only that will send a clear message to all Biafran politicians how angry and serious the masses are on no election campaign in Biafra land. Allowing Anambra election to hold is a big slap for Biafra emancipation movement. The effort or input to halt further election in Biafra land will start from/with Anambra state, this move will determine the fate of the Biafra struggle.

State of anarchy where everyone becomes government of its own is better of than allowing the same group of criminals recycling themselves at the helm of affairs. It does not matter if military governor takes over Anambra State, the worst thing that will happen is allowing for the of sham election where people like Hope Uzodimma will be installed into power as leaders.  A stitch in time saves nine, to avoid inviting Nigeria masquerade President Muhammadu Buhari, to commission cattle colony, RUGA or Fulani settlement in Anambra state, as he went to Imo state and commissioned the death of those innocent Igbo souls he ordered to be killed through the Fulani quota system governor of Imo state, Hope Uzodimma, every arsenal ought to be unveil to stop Anambra election at all cost to save life.

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