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September 25, 2021

Politics is the opinion one holds with respect to political questions. The same way; its activities and affairs are involved in managing a state or a government. Politics is a service to the masses, not a service to personal aggrandizement.  Nigerian politicians are wicked, they lack moral principles and conscience to serve the masses. They behave badly and illegally. Politicians in Nigeria have more of essentially characterized by unscrupulous elements and questionable characters. They know nothing about nation building, they are the real destroyers of hope and aspirations. Unfortunately, Nigerians are yet to ascertain that their politicians are the enemies making life difficult, miserable for the masses. 

Nigerians are not only mentally tortured by their political rulers and leaders, they are dehumanized to the very level that most of them don’t know that their rulers can be held accountable for misappropriation of public funds or maladministration. Nigerians’ insensitiveness to hold their political criminals liable to account for their actions and inactions give the Trojan politicians to change illegality to legal. Only in Nigeria politics cum terrorism is a lucrative profession and norm.

The easiest way to make fast money in Nigeria is by joining party politics. One with nothing can easily boast for millions of dollars once he or she joins partisan politics. 99% of Nigerian politicians are jobless, most of them have not engage in any legitimate job in lives except diabolic dirty politics. This is why politics is a do or die affair in Nigeria. Politics is for gentlemen and gentlewomen, it is for people with conscience and meek in mind not for vagabonds and looters. But in Nigeria, to make it in life is to engage in partisan politics, all of a sudden to make money won’t be a problem anymore but how to spend the money. Funds made for capital projects are pocketed by these politicians. Instead of Nigerians to rise up against the kleptomaniac politicians sucking the public funds dry through bloody revolution, to prove to them that power belongs to the masses, regrettably, Nigerians lack the courage and confidence to act accordingly.

Every Nigerian is pretending that all is well but they are dying silently. They are suffering and smiling. The system is; if you cannot beat them you join them. Politicians are junketing around the world with public funds whereby watching over the already dilapidated infrastructures deteriorates the most yet, the masses fold their hands and do nothing.

Fulani controlled Presidency of Nigeria has squandered the national treasury perhaps, Nigeria’s foreign reserve is on probation and deficit. Government have succeeded to have borrowed the future of Nigerian’s away. The irresponsible Muhammadu Buhari’s regime makes every Nigerian a debtor, monies borrowed were made for bribing both governmental and non-government actors against Biafra restoration exercise. Frontline media houses that ought to speak for the masses have been bought over, most of the media houses are owned by these politicians, they determined the kind of information to be transmitted to the general public consumption, reports against the rogue regime of Muhammadu Buhari is being confiscated in the name of media regulation. Fulani Presidency of Nigeria determines what information the masses should hear and not the other way round. Objective independent journalists are at the mercy of God, because their security is not guaranteed.    

At the on-going 76th United Nations General Assembly summit, Nigerian government hired non Nigerian Protesters to counter pro Oduduwa and IPOB self-determination protests. Despite the incessant killings of Christians and non Fulanis in Nigeria, the shameless Nigerian government went and hired foreign protesters to claim that Christian Nigerians are not targeted for genocide or ethnic cleansing. Before then, federal government secretly poisoned the former Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Obadaiah Malaifia to death. The former deputy CBN governor, has been on federal government’s watch list for having exposed tyrant Muhammadu Buhari’s led regime for sharing power with Fulani terrorists. Mailafia made it known that a dangerous Islam is coming with pattern to eliminate Christians in Nigeria. After the outburst his life was threatened. This is one of the reasons the shameless Nigerian government hired non Nigerian protesters at the UN summit. Those non Nigerian protesters confessed to have been paid the sum of fifty thousand dollars by ever corrupt Muhammadu Buhari’s Presidency of Nigeria. This is how political miscreants and the irresponsible government have subjected Nigerian to owing debts they know nothing about.

During The United Nations Briefing Room, The Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), Amina J. Mohammed, who happens to be a Fulani woman refused every written question about Gen. Muhammadu Buhari's human rights abuses in Nigeria, against Biafra nationalist leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who was illegally kidnapped in Kenya and extraordinary renditioned back to Nigeria by the Nigerian government. Likewise, Sunday Igboho whom his residential house was invaded by trigger happy Fulani soldiers and scores killed. Ever biased and criminal intent Anima J. Mohammed also rejected questions on the killings of Ambazonians in Cameron. This is to show you how demonic Nigerian politicians and its government can be. 

Few days ago, Nigeria’s Presidency through the spokesman Femi Adesina, said the current regime is not interested in naming, shaming Boko Haram sponsors and other financiers of Fulani terrorism in the country. He further said, to bring malefactors to justice is their priority. What they meant by malefactors was that only those legally convicted of terrorism will be brought to justice while sponsors will be shielded. Perhaps, no single Fulani terrorist has been convicted for terrorism, it is on record. Though Fulani Presidency of Nigeria can deny it, but it is a pure fact. Terrorist sponsors are untouchable, because they are all Fulanis’, and the present regime knows them all. They are birds of the same feather, irrespective of those Fulani terrorist sponsors involved and being exposed and shortlisted by foreign independent journals and governments yet, federal government is still complicit to go after them. They know what they are doing.  

Those political miscreants in Biafra land are currently campaigning in Anambra state for governorship election. After all said and done, campaign promises become a rhetoric. At the end, only dividends of democracy to give in return shall be the aiding of Fulani annexation in Biafra land. Nigerians can continue tolerating political miscreants, but the Indigenous People of Biafra -IPOB, had made it known that; there won’t be any further election in Biafra land. It does not matter whatever the politicians do to persuade the masses to come out to vote. Whether Anambra governorship aspirant Ifeanyi Uba, bought the most expensive cars to all traditional rulers in Anambra state, to lobby them to support him and his counterpart on the one hand throwing spaghetti and football at the campaign ground is inconsequential because election cannot be allowed to take place anywhere in Biafra land. No election in Biafra land was an order, it must be upheld to the fullest. Every politician must be made irrelevant in Biafra land, seem they don’t want to be useful to the masses. They deliberately jeopardized the power bestowed on them by the masses through Electoral College. So therefore, the Biafra people have resolved to reclaim their powers bestowed on these kleptomaniac political miscreants.

Written By Kelechi Okorie & Ndubuisi Eke.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke

Twitter Handle: @NdubuisiEke07

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