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September 02, 2021

The purpose why Fulani Supreme Court installed Hope Uzodimma, as the governor of Imo state is gradually unveiling itself day by day. They know their main target can easily be achieved through electioneering process, election malpractice is common in Nigeria, both the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court are in a business of election manupulation. Mostly, during election tribunal; it is the period when judges make huge amount of money they have not gotten over the years. During court plenary proceeding, the presiding Chief judge, throughout all time; covers up with deceptive bugos law terminology or grammar. At the end, the candidate that pays the higher amount of bribe or the most preferable induced Fulani stooge emerges the winner. Unlike other election tribunals, the installation of Hope Uzodimma as governor of Imo state was undefendable, It was a severe open court rigging.

Imolites that is perceived to have make up with more learned people were dribbled with non-existence magical law statistics by Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed, the Fulani incumbent Chief Justice of Nigeria. Not even a stack Fulani illiterate will conceived a candidate on fourth position to suddenly becomes a winner. The adjudication method the Supreme Court technicality used for someone in a fourth position to jumped other candidates before him and became first must be a miscarriage technicality. But it happened in a suppose learned state; Imo state, everyone went to sleep after mini protests. Such nonsensical judicial open maneuvering will not be tolerated in any northern part of Nigeria that consist of illiterate folks.

In an interview on Channels TV, monitored by Biafra Reporters, Hope Uzodimma claimed there is no law in Imo state, on anti grazing. He said government of the state is only regulating the grazing activity perhaps, he did not go further to clear the air if there is already an existing law that permits the regulation of grazing activity in Imo state, and it seems no law that permits open grazing in a first place. Hope Uzodimma's judgment comes amid raging controversy over the recent resolution of 17 southern governors prohibition on open grazing which is anti grazing in their respective states which Imo State governor never attended. The resolution on anti open grazing bill, passed by the Southern governors was to commence on 1st September, 2021.

Meanwhile, Fulani oligarchy are desperate to implement Islamic caliphate in Imo state. The state is the center of Biafra land, Fulani wants to encircle Biafra by all means. Their plans must be resisted by all means also recall that, Hope Uzodimma is the perfect Fulani stooge installed to perfect this Islamic agenda in Imo state. The interview by Imo state governor, Hope Uzodimma was to scuttle Southern governors' resolution on open grazing ban in seventeen [17], states that comprised the South West, the South East and the South-South geopolitical zones. He is only working for his Fulani godfathers that made him governor, the bold written handwriting on the wall is not hidden for to understand what Hope Uzodimma is shying away from. Even self apolitical elements in the state are aware that Hope Uzodimma is playing on the Fulani script.

The worst thing that will happen to Imolites is allowing the implementation of open grazing bill in Imo state. Let me make it open, now it is assume that is not yet late; any grazing route is a Fulani terrorist herdsmen route while any grazing reserve is a Fulani terrorist herdsmen reserve. Those reserved routes will be turned to killing and raping routes for Fulani terrorist herdsmen. Not just only young girls will be raped including old married women. Fulani controlled presidency is working closely to back the Fulani menace with the law and enforcement agency. Presidency is trying to turn illegality to be legal. Hope Uzodimma is advocating for regulation of open grazing contrary from what Southern governors' resolution ban on open grazing stipulated whereas,  Presidency on the other hand, is fighting for executive water ways bill to be passed into law.

And waterways bill is an executive bill to control all the waters and their surrounding banks in all parts of Nigeria. It would give the President the power to control the nation's rivers, through the Minister of Water Resources, especially those rivers that passes through more than one states. It simply means the Presidency has prerogative power over states on every intra river.

Bear it in mind that once water ways bill is pass into law, Fulani terrorist herdsmen will freely hide under water ways routes, to commit all manner of atrocities and the state government won't react upon it because the bill is exclusively for federal government to deliberate upon. Imagine what will happen when Fulani terrorist herdsmen kill within the water ways routes. As Presidency is shielding Boko Haram in guise of repentance, the same way they will remain complicit whenever Fulani terrorist herdsmen kill innocent people once the bill is implemented.

It is no longer news that Fulani controlled Presidency is busy integrating pretended repentant Fulani terrorists back to the society with the blood of innocent people in their palms. These are sets of men Hope Uzodimma  is defending. The strategy is a subtle method, to incorporate Fulani in Biafra land. Fulani is tricky, any moment from now they will flood Imo state, most of them will induce Biafran young girls with all manner of treasure. Some of them will go as far as using Hope Uzodimma's contacts to penetrate Imo young girls that are not discipline. What Fulani want is to replicate what they did to Hausa peasants, today Hausa civilization is not just only crippled. Hausa ancestral land is under Fulani forceful occupation and nothing is happening.

As Fulanis' are killing in Benue, Jos, Kaduna, Zamfara, Kastina etc unabated, the same way they shall peruse young girls even married women anytime from now by force in Imo State, only if Imolites will went to sleep as they did when Hope Uzodimma was criminally installed through judicial maneuvering.

Fulani terrorist herdsmen will unveil their wickedness against Imo women, is either women avail themselves to be raped or get killed. They will always give devil's option, and Hope Uzodimma is there to protect them. Everything that has not been heard before will emanate from Imo state, once that political criminal remains the Fulani stooge governor of the state and Hope Uzodimma must be stopped because he is only a person and not the majority.

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