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September 22, 2021

Just a month ago the Northern Nigeria version of unknown gunmen surfaced and invaded the almighty Nigerian Defense Academy without a trail, the unknown gunmen took Major Okoro who is Igbo by nationality to the forest where they butchered him up like a Christmas chicken and it only ended up on social media. Nigerians expected a new version of Armageddon war unleash on the unknown gunmen by the Nigerian Military yet they were left disappointed and nothing happened. But just a minute, there was a clash between the police and the unknown gunmen at Ukaegbu Eziweka Awada, the naval officers left their Marine Metrological institute Obosi in search of Eastern Security Network.

The naval officers wasted the lives of innocent Biafrans making it a plus to the ones they wasted on Sunday. The northern youths are considered to be good sons of Usman Dan Fodio while Eastern youths are considered to be slaves on death roll, ordinary sit at home civil disobedience, you will see all the forces in the zoo called Nigeria will start parading around the streets of Biafra hunting down innocent souls. Otelectual surface with their sense of reasoning out trash all in the name of fighting the Indigenous People of Biafra.

Fulani youths have the license to live and to kill any non-Fulani in Nigeria at will while the Biafrans are at the mercy of death by the brute government forces, Northern Fulani bandits, kidnappers, repentant Boko Haram members and herdsmen are comfortably enjoying their dividends of mass killing other Nigerian while the people are hapless with no help in sight waiting to die at any given time with the government doing nothing to salvage this canker worms eating up the very fabric of this country. If Biafra is not restored in our time our tribes will go into extinct like the few tribes up in the North.

It has gotten to the stage in Nigeria that every ethnic nationality should empower their youths for resistance against the Fulani invaders, what is happening in the Middle Belt is just a tip of the iceberg compare to what will happen to the rest of all other ethnic nationalities, it has become pertinent that Nigeria dissolve this unworkable union of slave and masters syndrome. Kidnapping of children is now a lucrative business in the North while Sheikh Gumi is the nominated spokesman for the Fulani bandits and the government, since it has become obvious that a certain people in the country are license to commit mayhem without arrest it becomes expedient that referendum as suffrage is considered a top notch to solving the issue of nation hood in Nigeria.

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