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August 10,2021 

Nobody ever believe in lifetime that a time shall come when Nigeria security extortion checking points in Biafraland will be decimated. Of course; indigenous People of Biafra makes it possible, the freedom for all emancipation movement is the reason there is no checking points along Biafra roads that are generating millions of Naira to the Nigeria security forces on daily basis. Nigerian government deliberately neglects Southeast region, Igbo speaking Biafra can't boast of single government established factory rather, security extortion checking points spotted in every corner in exchange of federal government establishment. Extortion in entire Eastern region that consists of Biafraland is the most lucrative internal generated revenue for Nigerian government. In northern part of Nigeria, similar security extortion is not applicable. Biafraland got nothing from the government other than neglect and killings in return. Even the motorists security forces stole from, their lives are not secured from Fulani marauders on the highway kidnapping for ransom.

Rampaging Fulani terrorists left IPOB with no option than to launched security wing called Eastern Security Network. IPOB single handedly funds Eastern Security Network - ESN, its  primary objective is defending every part of Biafraland including forest from Fulani terrorists disguising as herdsmen . 

ESN is the reason farmers in Biafraland can go to farms without fear of molestation from Fulani terrorists. Had IPOB security wing was not launched, by now kidnapping of school children that seen in northern of part Nigeria would have been extended to eastern region.

Fear of ESN by Fulani terrorists remains one of the reasons Biafran kids are going to school without fear of Fulani kidnappers. Though, some Fulani puppets serving as warrant chiefs mainly in Igbo extraction might debunked the claim that without ESN, schools would have by now shutdown as many parents in northern Nigeria withdrawn their children from school due to fear Fulani kidnappers.

Recently, it was reported that churches in Borno was demolished, within a twinkle off an eye Fulani jihadists claimed ownership of the sites after Christians were chased away from their worship centers. It was a horrible experience, those found during the demolition are not alive to tell the story. This is exactly what awaits Biafrans without IPOB's security outfit Eastern Security Network -ESN been put in place. IPOB leadersship was smart enough, ESN is a child of neccessity and major reason while places of worship centers in Biafra land are not been attacked by jihadist Fulani herdsmen.

Quite unfortunate, slave minded individuals collected #5,000 (five thousand naira) with inferior T-shirt of #800, have the  temerity to counter a day weekly Sit at home order (Biafra Ghost Town) coming from DOS in the name of  Igbo economy advocacy. Those of them that are complicit don't know civil disobedience is a democratic means of expressing displeasure against undemocratic government's policies. And IPOB had resolved "ghost town strategy", as a means of showcasing their dispassionate act by Buhari's led federal government played against their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who was kidnapped from Kenya and renditioned to Nigeria without due legal procedure.  Seriously, if not IPOB is peaceful on her quest for freedom, in some cases, brutality against charlatans playing politics with the collective aspiration of Biafra freedom ought to have been handled to dance the music they're playing. 

Should ESN decides to go after any community PG involved itself in the romantic show of shame politics the same Biafrans will start lamenting. That is how pathetic everything is, though, with time those working against Biafra restoration will be pay with their own coin. Those involved shouldn't denied been warned, day of reckoning is fast approaching, let it be written down when it starts happening. Many IPOB family members died fighting for justice, equity and freedom for Igbos and Biafrans in general. Perhaps, not every Biafran enjoying abolition of road block extortion supports IPOB, but they're enjoying what gallant men and women died for. These ungrateful sets of people are heartless to acknowledge what is just. IPOB is fighting a just war, only those with conscience can justify tremendous efforts made so far by IPOB to enhance neglected Biafra economy.

Many IPOB family members lost their jobs and means of livelihood for the sake of fighting for justice, equity and freedom of Igbos and Biafrans in general. Furthermore, many are languishing in different secret cells in Nigeria for the sake of freedom, not that they don't have comfortable apartments to live but for the sake of passion they have for Biafra emancipation from Fulani Nigeria government occupation. Likewise, most IPOB members who are in diaspora can't come back home without being hunted by Nigerian government. Sacrifices making towards freedom are numerous to be enlisted. In a nutshell, the book can't contain the words if sacrifices are to be written down.

The same agents of neocolonialists in political positions are the charlatans defending their Fulani godfathers. It's very rare to see a Biafran politician without Fulani godfathers. These are bunch of malicious tricksters for Fulani oligarchy. They didn't only take masses as fools, they work closely with their Fulani godfathers to kill, imprison and annihilate their own people. None of them wants Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to be either alive or release from DSS dungeon.

Be that it may, Biafra ghost town Monday continues until Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and all IPOB prisoners of conscience are free and Biafra restored. Close to five years now, Ambazonia has been having ghosts town every Monday and they are not stopping not even heaven has falling,  the same must be replicated in all part of Biafraland, those uncomfortable with it can relocate to Fulani controlled northern part of Nigeria.

Edited by Kelechi Okorie

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