Written By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

August 06, 2021

It takes common sense and reasoning to examine why Nigeria cannot advance like other civilize nations of the world, instead it gets worst and worsened by the day. Nigerians are not only being impoverished, they are mentally drained and tortured, to an extent that common sense is not common. Most Nigerians lacked both common sense and reasoning. In Nigeria; prior to infancy, every child hopes Nigeria to get better, they even prayed for better tomorrow, but no avail. Not that their prayers were not answered but because their kleptomaniac leaders had stolen their future away. At puberty age, instead of Nigeria to get better it becomes worst more than childhood era. It simply means Nigeria's retrospective is always better than the prospect. Leaders clamoring for indivisibility are responsible for the collapsed Nigeria.

Certainly, our parents and great grand parents had similar aspiration of better tomorrow for Nigeria, unfortunately, most of them died without seeing a better Nigeria. Many; their life were unjustly and discriminately cut short by same Nigeria they prayed for. Nigeria killed them all, the genocidist Nigerian government that perpetrated these evil was neither hold accountable nor has justice ever prevailed.  If time is not taken, without the present young Nigerians to change the status quo now either through revolution or extraordinary mass movement against the government, they may all die like their parents and great grand parents with dehumanized retrospective.

Those without common reasoning will still doubt it, Nigeria politicians are the real enemies at the borders. Without something extraordinary severe against these ponzi leaders, those advocating for one Nigeria if by  para-venture they succeed, may likely end their life as martyr with no legacy. Nigeria indivisibility implies enriching rubber stamp leaders at the detriment of the entirety of timid Nigerians. Everyone knows that the disintegration of Nigeria is the best option left but Nigerian youths lack the courage to fight for her dissolution. This is the fact of life, whether they believe it or not, it can't change anything. The truth remains the truth, it doesn't matter how one tried to thwart it. Nigerian youths are yet to ascertain the fact that the same kleptomaniac political and some religious leaders that stole their future away are still the same people massaging them to renew their impoverishment programme for another four year ponzi election poll.

Every ponzi scam strategy to keep Nigeria as one indivisible country will always be applied by these fantastically corrupt leaders at all cost, only those with common sense can detect it. To discover their deceit, one must be extremely careful of their rhetorical speeches and subtle tricks. They give false impression but make it looks viable. At the end, the same clustering looters will keep stealing the Nigerians future away. Unfortunately, Nigerian youths are less concern to revolt. Forgetting the future is in their hands other than the fraudulent leaders. Every region or geo-political zone has their own ponzi scam leaders, in most cases, they sound politically correct when they are getting it all wrong. They are the social cultural group leaders, religious leaders, political leaders, captains of industries and many more. In South-East alone, Ohaneze Ndi Igbo is a ponzi scam mouthpiece in ala Igbo without the peoples mandate. This social cultural group believes that Biafra ghost Monday, will bring hardship to the masses whereas, they have not call for the unconditional release of Biafra nationalist leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who was extraordinarly renditioned from Kenyan to Nigeria.

Ohaneze Ndi Igbo work hand in glove with kleptomaniac South-East political leaders. PANDEF is not left out, these social cultural groups are agents of neo-colonialism. None of them deserves to see the light of the day if the atrocities they  committed were to be measured with punishments.

Though, Nigeria leaders are provocatively rich, Biafra ghost Monday might not really affect them financially because of the much resources they have stolen and in such a scenario can take them to anywhere in the world for shopping but at least, they will be exposed before the world that they neither have control over the masses in Biafra land nor do they represent the interest and aspiration of indigenous population but only IPOB does. 

One must not be a think tank, a social reform advocate, a historian, a theocrat, a religious fanatic or anti Semitism to know that the 1914 Southern and Northern protectorates were criminally amalgamated with the sole reason for scamming, and exploiting the ignorance of the people giving them a meaningless name - Nigeria with no hope for their future. 

Britain used indirect rule as a ponzi medium to scam their colonies mainly Nigeria in particular. Nigeria leaders learnt the ponzi scheme strategy from their colonial masters. The fraudulent act won't stop unless Nigeria is dismembered. Only disintegration of Nigeria can save life or else the enclave will continue serving as a world cemetery. Empirical findings shows that every evil in the globe links to Nigeria, not even angels from heavenly places can salvage Nigeria without sending her to oblivion of brime stone of non existence. While going further without scientific experimentation and finding, it is easy to discover that the same angels in other places playing angelic roles for humanity once associated with Nigeria get contaminated and were destroyed by the maker of the universe. Nigeria is fraud itself.

Nigeria is a British government paperwork, when one is talking or discussing about fraudulence activities in the world, Nigeria is a center piece of it all. That is why her political leaders are Fraudsters, scammers and looters.

In a nutshell, Nigeria was fraudulently amalgamated in 1914 and her political leaders are 419ers. While counting 1914 when the scam amalgamation tool place from the right hand with 419 you will see Nigeria is truly a ponzi scam contraption which practical makes every Nigerian a scammer and a potential thief. This tells you all you need to know about Nigeria, only but  her disintegration shall restore Africa's dignity but with Nigeria's indivisibility the continent will remain backward and underdeveloped.






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