Written By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

August 26, 2021

Every nation entrusts their future on their youths, for that reason youths contribute immensely for the fulfilment of certain purposes in a sane clime. In advanced nations; youths are not left out because they are the voice that speak in a loud voice when the government goes astray contrary from what is expected of them. Nigerian as a tomb cemetery is always different, youths are not holding their corrupt trojan government accountable, they believe to get rich and die young and they are dying young. It's either they brought death that helps kills them or the government kills them untimely. Whatever the government does is none of their business, they prefer to get drunk and roam around the streets like wide animals than to influence government policy through revolution. 

Most of them are incapable of reasoning, and they have swallowed anything thrown out on them without reflecting, they lack the capability for correction and valid reasoning. Even Nigerian criminal political leaders knew their youths are handicap and dysfunction.

That, with a mere porridge they can easily sell off. Nigerian youths are only remembered and useful during election period, after that, they go back to their uselessness leaving the stage for kleptomaniac leaders to continue their usual routine embezzlement. Not even the Presidency takes Nigerian youths serious, they are aware that their youths are worthless. But the youths lack concentration to detect their downtroddeness by the people in power nor their responsibility as the future of tomorrow. I don’t care attitude being exhibited by the youths could say to have made President Muhammadu Buhari, sometime ago to have said that Nigerian youths are lazy youths without mincing a word. Many youths misunderstood the President’s proclamation, but he was right. Muhammadu Buhari knew that had the Nigerian youths have common sense that he, the proxy President won’t have been masquerading himself as a head of state, but for that glaring fact, the youths are unable to differentiate between the person they voted in 2015 and the impostor presently parading himself as President Muhammadu Buhari meaning that the Nigerian youths are mentally deficient.     

Though, both the corrupt government and Nigerian youths contributed to the problems facing Nigeria today, but the youths failed woefully to rise up to its responsibility even with instinct inability to reason among the youths pushed the government to keep taking them for ride. Certainly, Nigeria is irredeemable now, but revolts against the corrupt government can make a different at least, their fundamental human rights may be protected. Nigeria government kills its youths, the same youths being killed on daily basis are very scared to face the government. Whatever the government does is accepted by them because they are afraid of death and reform while are expecting miracle intervention perhaps, they are folding their hands watching corrupt regimes growing more wings for total annihilation of the youths. 

Gradually, Nigerian government have finally succeeded in inflicting mental and physical suffering to the point that Nigerian youths now spy their fellow youths fighting for justice to be hunted down by the extremely bad regime of rogues. The government sees the Nigerian youths as stupid and incompetent young collective of people. Due to their lack of intelligent, up till now the Nigerian youths haven’t question the rationale behind the Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, that stood as a father of the groom for Yusuf Muhammadu Buhari at Yusuf Buhari’s jamboree wedding and it's antecedent ceremony; instead of his real father Muhammadu Buhari, who is assumed to be alive and living, Muhammadu Buhari attended the ceremony but couldn’t stand-in for his son as groom father. It is not only suspicious but disgraceful. Many questionable, suspicious situation at the wedding occasion needs to be address but quite unfortunate nobody including the youths are not bold enough to question the fundamental issues surrounding the showy festival party where IPhones, IPads were shared as souvenir as sentimental value.     

Sheik Gumi raised serious alarm that he saw Fulani terrorist commanders at Yusuf Buhari’s wedding ceremony, till this moment, Nigerian security apparatus has neither say anything nor the Presidency debunk the accusation which indicted Presidency’s terrorist ingrained system. Nigeria is a place where Fulani folks are above the law. The economy is not only monopolized to one Fulani man, violence is also monopolized in favor of the Fulanis’. Fulani terrorists commanders could be seen to have attended a wedding of Muhammadu Buhari’s son and nothing happens. Rather, Nigeria Inspector General of Police charges his men to step up more actions by clapping down on peaceful Indigenous People of Biafra-IPOB family members mainly the youths from the Eastern region who are being killed day in day out without justifiable reason. IPOB lamented over the thousands of its members been detained in Ebonyi state, while few among them were reportedly tortured to death, everybody sees dehumanization and violation of human rights against Biafra peaceful activists but prefers to remain deaf and dumb. 

Leaving reality and start chasing shadow leads to inappropriate dilapidation in the system. Nigeria police unfounded lies that the illegally detained young girl from Imo state by name Glory Okolie as an ESN spy but refused to take her to court is an implication and a clear picture of what Nigeria looks like before the comity of nations. Probably, the young Glory Okolie may had been sexual abuse by the police men as report narrated how she was been used as slave girl by members of the recently internet scam indicted police super cop’s criminal team Abba Kyari.  Most Nigerians are battling with brain tumor, youths are not exceptional. Anybody in his right sense doesn’t need to be told that Nigeria indivisibility is wasting of time on already collapsed castle.

A country with lifeless President, youths are not inquisitive to ascertain why the so called impersonator President has different divergent versions of pictures since the rumor sneaked out to the public domain that Muhammadu Buhari is dead according to a former British lawmaker. Fulani hegemony is in a hurry to accomplish their planned Islamic extremism and conquest. In Afghanistan, resistant force that consist of youths are fighting back to reclaim their country from the hands of Taliban that formed illegitimate government. Irrespective of Nigeria’s black tomb, youths are still watching sheepishly waiting to see Fulani terrorist extremists enforce their radical talibanization before they will wake up from their slumber.

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