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August 02, 2021

What Fulani controlled Presidency can't defend doesn't exist but trust the Indigenous People of Biafra, they will unveil every hidden information that link DCP Abba Kyari's criminality. Before IPOB came into existence, most of the Fulani indictment cases or crimes that warrant jail terms were swept under the carpet. Nation like United States of America, where rule of law is working beams her satlite mainly on Nigeria fantastically corrupt government officials, mostly Fulanis'. Greater number of Fulani government officials can't step their foot in that country. This is one of the secrets Nigeria government can't make nor be open to its citizens. What Fulani Presidency is good at is giving their own indicted criminals protection from being prosecuted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation - FBI.

What Nigerians didn't know is that America prosecutors first sought out a court warrant to arrest the celebrated Nigerian criminal police cop Abba Kyari on February 12th 2021, but the Nigerian government hid it from the public consumption and not until the second outburst findings came from the FBI investigative department how monies were lifted out from proxy individuals and organizations. The Otis Wright of the US District Court for the Central District of California issued another arrest warrant for the second time. Had the fraudulent police officer not nominated for special assignment to kill Biafrans, the trending arrest warrant by US district court won't have been trending, IPOB made it possible.

One thing is messing up with this Biafra movement another thing is facing the consequences. Considering the date, the first arrest warrant was ordered, it was unknown to the general public and when DCP Abba Kyari was officially appointed by the Presidency to kill more Biafrans for the Nigerian government that he earns from, from his killing spree, compare it with the date, the second warrant arrest was issued and how it trends. At least, IPOB publicized the scam police chief. Though, the publicity not really in a wrong direction as many Abba Kyari's criminal syndicates sees it, but the exposure is for justice to prevail. Hence, if left for Fulani presidency they will swept it under the carpet as usual. But for the fact that Abba Kyari is well pleased in his heart to kill innocent Biafrans, his chapter will be exposed the world. Whatever it takes, IPOB will make it available in making sure Kyari's Presidential immunity won't save him like his criminal counterpart; Federal Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Pantami and other indicted Fulani terrorist criminals in government and corridors of power.

Nigerians shouldn't be surprise that the corrupt Fulani Presidency may not comply with the FBI to repatriate the criminal cop Abba Kyria, to US for interrogation. Tyrant Muhammadu Buhari's corrupt government will shield him as he did to others. Britain can dine and wine with criminals but not for USA. United States forbids criminality, they maintain sanity in their country. It doesn't matter whom you are and how long it takes once anyone is a certified to be involving in fraudulently indicted cases he or she is forbidden in United States. Wife of the Nigeria seating President, Aisha Buhari, can never step her foot in US soil because of her indictment case on $182million Halluburton scandal. She is been shielded by other Fulani syndicates. 

In Nigeria, DCP Abba Kyria will also be shielded by the same criminal gang, don't mind whatever they presented to the public through most compromised brown envelope media houses in Nigeria. Fulani public office holders are kleptomaniac, they are all in the same scam looting program. Come to worst, the much celebrated criminal police chief Abba Kyria, will boycott US soil as others before him did. Tyrant Muhammadu Buhari's corrupt Presidency rather would deny signing any form of document request for the extradition of the tailor cop, Fulani will hide him than to hand him over to the US, Fulani will never release Abba Kyria to the FBI for interrogation, things are happening behind the scene, many Nigerians are unaware.

Most Fulani syndicates hate US to the core, and they would rather decide not to go to the US, they will do everything humanly possible to avoid sending Abba Kyria to America, they know the implications. Among the penalties is risking imprisonment. Dr. Isa Ali Pantami can't travel to the US. He was link to terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and Taliban, yet, federal government keeps mum. Instead he was rewarded with the ministerial position as Federal Minister of Communication and Digital Economy. The commission manages Nigeria central data base. Imaging an  indicted terrorist link syndicate at the helm of nation's data affairs. Such can only happen in Buhari's nose. They're in the clique of scam and terrorism, Nigeria seating President remains their grand patron for life. Nigerians are yet to acknowledge this, but it is actually the fact. Over 60 (sixty) million Nigerians that registered NIM never knew terrorist Isa Ali Pantami is in control of their information. Once a concern particular Nigerian is a prime target by the Presidency, terrorist Isa Ali Pantami will release every information required to DCP Abba Kyari for execution, that is how Biafrans are being slaughtered in Imo State, by the corrupt police chief.

As the police chief takes order from an ordinary scammer Hushpuppi, the same way he takes order from Fulani terrorist commanders. It has been the Fulani game. Terrorism can't be eradicated in Northern Nigeria, they know what they are doing. Hushpuppi scams via internet likewise, Fulani syndicates the likes of DCP Abba Kyria scams through terrorism. Abba Kyria's state of origin, Borno, terrorist groups ISWAP and Boko Haram have predominantly control sizable number of local government with their own elected governor, Abba Kaka, whose locals in those local governments are answerable to. The ISWAP elected governor, Abba Kaka has control of allocations in those five local government under his control. It sounds stupid, DCP Abba Kyari came from the state terrorist groups have upper hands more than the seating governor Babagana Zulu, yet he can't showcase his professionalism but spotted in the South-East showing his muscle against innocent unarmed civilians. This is the type of person Buhari's federal government likes working with, why because he understands the game.

Such type of a person can't be allowed to be disgrace before the world, highest thing the US government can do won't go beyond banning Abba Kyria from coming to their soil. If Abba Kyria is been rejected by the US, other corrupt nations like Britain is available to dine and wine with him. With British backup Presidential immunity covers Abba Kyria, at the end he might be rewarded with the highest office in Nigeria, in Nigerian Police Force like Inspector General of Police.

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