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7th August 2021

By Vincent Kalu

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and the Indigenous Igbo Youth Congress (IIYC), have said they welcomed the position of Kano elders on fast tracking the exit of South East from Nigeria.

Some Kano leaders – Natura Ahir Shariff, Balarabe Rufa’I, Abdul-Aziz Sulaiman and Aminu Adam have gone to the Federal High Court, Abuja, seeking an order directing the National Assembly to create the framework for referendum in the South East, so that Igbo could vote on secession from the country. The court has fixed November 1, for hearing.     


Reacting to this development, IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful said those Kano indigenes have seen a sign of what was coming to Nigeria, which is bigger than them.

“It is better we separate peacefully and amicably so that we can have in future. However, whether they resist it, definitely, we will go, and then they will regret it in future. Biafra must come whether they like it or not.

“IPOB agitation is not joke and we are taking records of how people are behaving and doing towards this Biafra freedom.


“We commend Kano people for their vocal statements and stand because God Almighty has show them that Biafra is coming and anybody that stands on its way will be crushed.

“It’s left for the National Assembly and court to do the needful. The Nigerian court must compel the National Assembly to do this because God Almighty wants to use Kano, the court and National Assembly to save Nigeria from this calamity that is about to befall her.

“Referendum is the only peaceful way to freedom because the present generation has nothing in mind to distract them from Biafra freedom and independence from Nigeria. If the court and National Assembly love the country, they should work towards the position of those Kano citizens”

In the same vein, IIYC President, Chief John Mayor Echefu praised the Kano elders for their courage, boldness and foresight in recommending what will bring a lasting solution to the myriad of problems facing the country.

“I welcome their suggestions with both hands; it is a pointer in the right direction. They probably have gazed at the crystal ball to know that nothing was going to stop Biafra from coming to fruition very soon and therefore, decided to toe this line of peace.

“I join them to ask the court to see reason to grant their request and also for the National Assembly to comply in the same direction.” 

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