Written By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter

July 25, 2021

Sunday Igboho needs asylum from any nation of concern, Benin republic to be specific is more convenient and safer for him more than any other nation in Africa. For posterity purposes; accommodation should be the major thing Benin republic can offer to Oduduwa freedom fighter at this critical time. It should neither be inhuman degradation nor imprisonment. Yoruba is Oduduwa likewise, Benin Republic consists of Yoruba descendants. Both Oduduwa and some part of Benin to an extent are in a line with common progenitors.  Unless Benin is said to be another Nigeria where agitation for freedom is a crime not against the constitution rather against the few corrupt political ruling class.

The Nigeria Attorney General of Federation, Mr. Abubakar Malami is not learned enough and he keep on disgracing himself and his quota system acquired certificate if any. Immediately the news broke out that Sunday Igboho and his wife has been arrested, detained in Benin Republic on their trip to Germany, the Fulani controlled Presidency of Nigeria immediately, they claimed that Sunday Igboho forged a Benin passport. Contrary from the Presidential lies, during the court proceedings in Benin Republic it was later being observed that Sunday Igboho was traveling with both the Nigeria passport and his Germany passport not Benin Republic passport as it was earlier being reported by the rogue regime Nigerian government.

Perhaps, had it been that what the Nigeria media houses reported on Sunday Igboho's passport forgery said to be true, the presiding judge should had first study the circumstances surrounding the alleged passport forgery, but there was none. This makes tyrant Muhammadu Buhari's government a prime liar, since then till now Nigeria is yet to submit extradition charges against Sunday Igboho to Benin Republic Court of Appeal. Sunday Igboho is neither a terrorist nor a criminal, he is a freedom fighter agitating for a free Oduduwa Nation, his ancestral land and home and not the land of the Fulani man. For that reason Muhammadu Buhari's led government wanted him dead by all possible means.

Sunday Igboho's house was on two occasions invaded by the Nigerian military armed forces to eliminate him, on the process his supporters were killed in their numbers. This ought to be enough reason he needs to search for safety and the best option is for him to escape out of Nigeria for his dear life and continue his agitation for a free Oduduwa Nation from there. The circumstances that warranted Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to escape during the Nigerian Military invasion of his house was said to be similar case to that of Sunday Igboho. None of them did anything wrong to find a safer place. Over twenty eighth [28], persons were killed by the Nigerian trigger happy armed forces in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's country home and his Immediate resident. 

Till this very moment no single Nigeria court has summoned courage to adjudicated on the subject matter. What Muhammadu Buhari's led government is concern was that IPOB leader jumped bail not minding the rationale behind the Military invasion of his home. The Nigeria compromised kangaroo courts rather turn everything that concern freedom fighters upsidedown just to make sure these activists are nailed at the cross even when they have committed no offence known to law. Surprise that Fulani terrorists are walking freely, killing indigenous Nigerians with no form of arrest or apprehension. In spite of all the killings, none of the Fulani terrorists can say to be arrested and sentence to imprisonment. 

Tyrant Muhammadu Buhari's regime is bias, he shields his terrorists kinsmen and turn around chasing innocent activists. As far as Muhammadu Buhari is concern, Fulani killers are not terrorists. Muhammad Buhari, runs a terrorist system of government, if there are people to be charged on cases bordering on terrorrism acts in Nigeria, the seating Nigeria President should be the number one person to be tried. He is a terrorist in Chief; it baffles humanity why the whole world is keeping mum allowing a terrorist in Chief to be chasing after freedom fighters. It is obvious that there is unseen Muhammadu Buhari's led government hands in Sunday Igboho's detention in Benin republic. Oduduwa Republic compatriots fought hard and gallantly for Sunday Igboho not to be illegally renditioned to Nigeria being their leading activist. Sunday Igboho  would have been extradited had the Oduduwa agitators keep mute. Sunday Igboho has no case to answer, Muhammadu Buhari's government is only trying to rope in Benin Republic as they criminally did to Kenya.

Uhuru Kenyatta regime has not and will not escape International Criminal Court of Justice writ on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's forced repatriation to Nigeria without due legal procedure. Kanya has a serious case to answer at the International Criminal Court of Justice, as it stands; the world is watching both Benin Republic and Nigeria with keen interest on Sunday Igboho's case. If Benin Republic is not careful enough she might be considered as among the Africa Nations like Nigeria that criminally nail activists but protect terrorists. For this sole reason, activists in Nigeria finds it unreasonable to live in  the same country with terrorists. That is how they aspire for separate independent nations of theirs. It is their innate right, freedom fighting is not a crime. It is enshrined in the United Nations Charter on Indigenous Peoples Rights. 

To the United Nations, freedom is an inalienable right, but it baffles humanity why the same organization cannot standout to protect her law is far beyond humanity comprehension. This essay don't want to believe the notion that Unites Nations are reluctant because the freedom in this context is relatively for Black Africa. Freedom is freedom as no single person deserves to live in perpetual slavery and servitude irrespective of color and race. Every human is born free and same way every person deserves to live as free person. Though, freedom is not permissible in the eye of Nigeria and rogue ruling class. Nigeria won't give a damn to whatever any nation or country says, so far as Fulani killer herdsmen are protected while freedom fighters are imprisoned, Fulani controlled Presidency of oligarchy are very comfortable with it.

Tyrant Muhammadu Buhari's government wants to implicate Benin Republic as Kenya was implicated, Kenya sold her conscience out because of money and she betrayed the spirit of Pan Africanism. Nigeria wants to enforce her criminality on Africa continent as Africa giant of fraud and corruption. Benin Republic would have fall cheap for it had Oduduwa agitators keep quiet and didn't act fast. This simply meanins that Oduduwa agitators prompt intervention stopped Benin Republic from being trapped as a nation that contravenes international law as their Kenya counterpart did shamefacedly. As it stands now it might be difficult for Nigeria to forcefully extradite Sunday Igboho to Nigeria until a date for referendum is settled and decided, why it will be difficult for Nigeria is that Benin Republic won't like her reputation to be tampered with because of coupist Muhammadu Buhari's criminality and a clearly stated record of kidnap right from the days of Umaro Diko as a Military junta head of state.

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