Salary Is Just A Tip That We Sell Out Our Freedom

By Simeon Green | The Biafra Post

July 29, 2021

Some great men are bound by the tip called salary, ICT gurus, good snipers, 

and some extra ordinary created people have pined them selves to salary slavery

Just because they think they can't make it on their own. That is why today my Igbo

brothers and sisters in the force are hunting their own blood down just because of mere

Salary. But one thing they never considered is this "had it been that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

Sold us all out for salary, today our condition would have been worst than ever in the annals of history.

I ask! Can't someone out there open his eyes and see that the Sea is gradually welling up and eating up our land?. Is it when we all are gone before these foolish brothers of mine 

will quit the zoo called Nigeria armed forces and their peanut salaries?. I am announcing the rain before it drops. A day of brotherly payback is coming, a day of total annihilation of brothers in uniforms is gradually coming up, a day like that great day of #ENDSARS protest is close by. 

Free yourselves from this peanut called salary, join us let's liberate our land and the next generation from the Fulani Caliphate cage of drowsiness, coupled with backwardness. Why must we spill the blood of our own because of the crumbs we intend to gain from the Fulani oligarchy?. It has become pertinent that we sound this note of warning that the dark cloud is gathering and the wind that will follow it up will cause unimaginable destruction of lives and property to our saboteurs.

Onye chiro Igbo ogu bido na ikwusi iru aka oh. The end of that voyage to slavery now and not tomorrow, Biafrans should arise let us fight this war of emancipation once and for all, its high time our people in the armed forces should be truthful to themselves if actually they like the state of the condition that this Fulani government of Nigeria has placed us into, why don't our people consider the Biafra restoration a necessity where your of expression, assembly and worship is guaranteed or do you consider to be living in servitude all because of the mere salary to everlasting slavery and your freedom chained forever.

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