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July 15 , 2021 

FCT, Abuja - A group known as International Human Rights Commission, IHRC, has denied making any statement on the arrest and repatriation of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, to Nigeria. 

The IHRC in a statement issued on Thursday, July 15 and seen by, said some impersonators made a declaration concerning Kanu in its name, warning that the media and members of the public should be circumspect of such persons. 

Ambassador Friday Sani stated that the IHRC does not dabble in such matters.


Part of the statement issued by the Country Head/Ambassador for West African countries for IHRC, Ambassador Dr. Friday Sani read: 

As a diplomatic inter-governmental organisation, our policy on crises management is purely mediation role to bring about peace and not to take side with any party and aggravate crises. “The issue of IPOB agitation and the subsequent violence that has ensured has claimed several lives in the southeastern Nigeria and as a diplomatic specialised organisation with full knowledge of public security and public safety we do not issue such myopic and premature statements which is capable of escalating the crises on ground in Nigeria. “

For the record, we are  the only non-governmental organisation in the world who do not believe in protest or demonstration as a way of making demands from government or bodies owing to our diplomatic principles “Let me also put it on record that the IHRC establishment across the world is to bridge the gap of bureaucratic bottlenecks created by various state protocols which has hindered the acceleration of the Universal Declaration on human rights by the United Nations in 1948 

“As such we are not formed to serve as an antagonist of any government in the world rather we mediate between the government and the people to bring about peace in the world.” Ambassador Sani further stated that the IHRC under the leadership of Professor Ran Marcin Wasik is administered as a family and national issues of such magnitude must pass through several protocols of approvals before statements can be issued. 

He said as a regional organisation, the IHRC has activated its legal volunteers to monitor all political trials. He added: “The public should therefore disregard the purported and maintain their confidence in our capacity to ensure compliance with the universal declaration on human rights.”

 In a related development, the Cameroonian government has congratulated Nigeria over the rearrest and extradition of Kanu. Felix Mbayu, a special envoy from President Paul Biya of Cameroon, congratulated Nigeria when he was received by President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja on Tuesday, July 13. 

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