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July 07, 2021

There are two theories applicable in the issue of Eastern Security Network - ESN, and the Nigeria security operatives. One is, to demonize your prey to gather sympathy. Nigeria security agents and media are trying so hard to label Eastern Security Network, the unknown gun men killing security agents in the country, this act only is a practice against the well ethics of investigative journalism, which is utopian to Nigerian system of journalism. They have realized that all the antics they employed in taming the wildfire ideology gaining momentum in all the nook  and crannies of the old Eastern region have been exhausted, therefore their only option is to do everything possible to look relevant by giving Eastern Security Network a new nomenclature so to hang it. 

Do you see the game?. They want to demonize Eastern Security Network by all means so that the international community or sympathizers will change their perception about Eastern Security Network (the guardian of Biafra forests). But to their utter dismay, the global index record on terrorism accorded Nigeria third place, worst than Somalia.  As Mazi Nnamdi Kanu did prophesized. Mean while, this their plot is dead on arrival because the world knows them as terrorist sympathizers in government houses. 

The second theory is; no permanent friend in the struggle for power. Eliminate that friend that knows your Achilles's heels, that is the case of the native doctor and the Nigeria security operatives aided by the brown envelope media houses in Nigeria. They killed Commander Ikonso, with fortification from the native doctor and realising their mistake, that the native doctor - eme elu, emere ala  is a Biafran, and automatically he knows their secret and must be eliminated and they did so. Nigeria security operatives are killing innocent Biafrans, we see the case of the guy that works at an oil company at Bonny island, who was released because his uncle is a military personnel in the Zoo Nigeria army, lucky for him.

What of those that are not lucky enough to have an uncle in the Nigeria army, they are being killed and their organs being harvested and sold over seas. Hundreds of Biafrans are dying in the zoo undisclose dungeon and underground prisons every blessed day. What expose Nigeria the more is the mole called onye army they foolishly think they can implant within the structure of Eastern Security Network that got expose by the Indigenous People of Biafra and her leadership, the next thing was the mole dishing out all manner of unfounded allegations, lies against Eastern Security Network so as to condemn the security outfit before the general public. 

The world knows who are the real terrorists, unknown gunmen, fulani bandits, Fulani Kidnappers of school children across the entire state of Northern Nigeria and the killer Fulani herdsmen, it is on record that midget El-Rufai paid ransom to foreign Fulani herdsmen to stop killing the people of Southern Kaduna, it is also on record that the Nigerian government through her military rehabilitated some dread members of the Boko-Haram sect and enrolled them into the Nigerian Military formation, some Northern governors pamper and pay Fulani bandits and Kidnappers which Sheikh Gumi is their personal Spokesman in all their dealings.

The Muhammadu Buhari's government antics of bribing and gaging the Nigeria media houses to write rubbish and effectively lie against the Eastern Security Network won't work out or achieve any meaningful thing because the world now understand the Nigerian government of Muhammadu Buhari to be a government of terrorists, by the terrorists and for the terrorists where opposition voices are silenced and Fulani supremacy enthroned at the detriment of the masses of non Fulani in the Nigeria context.

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